Litsu Haada'i
Name Litsu Haada'i
AKA Dante
Nationality Ute
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype Physical Adept AKA Gun-fu
Birthdate October 2, 2043
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"…You don't hire me in order to have someone killed, if you hire me, they're already dead. I just make them easier to bury."


Dante, is a 1.7 meter tall human male with black short hair and a runners build. He has dark brown eyes that looked perpetually relaxed and resting below an old bandana tied up on his forehead to keep his hair from falling across his line of sight. He was mostly innocuous, not really standing out in a crowd. His clothing is simplistic, focused more on function then style. He wore a plain black T-shirt, insulated and padded gloves, and a pair of black, insulated, Jeans. He didn't seem to have any visual distinguishing marks. His posture was relaxed, Not seeming overly bothered by his surroundings. His eyes, though relaxed, seemed to continually scan the area; almost as if looking for something. His Black lined coat rested loosely over his shoulders, his hands tucked casually into the pockets at his sides. the coat had definitely seen some where. Almost as if it had been left out in various types of weather for extended amounts of time. The right shoulder especially looked rather worn down as if from repeated use.

Distinguishing Features

-Slouching posture
-Aloof personality
-old headband
-ALWAYS seems to be wearing gloves
-Pierced left ear with a black stone
-casual dress most times

Mannerisms and Habits

He is rather easy going and rather easy to befriend. He didn't really take too muh siriously unless he was on a job. He smiled often, and liked to make others smile just as much. There were times when he almost seemed to have moments of clairvoyant wisdom beyond his years, and yet others where his inexperience shown like a lighthouse beacon. He was hard working and did his best to follow any job he took to the letter. If a job required him to do something specific, he would do his best to fill those requirements. He held no reservations for taking a targets life, and if someone became a threat to him either physically or could blow his cover later, he would eliminate them without a second thought. Some would call him brutal in the way he worked, others heartless. He saw himself as efficient. some people wanted other people dead and he was the one they called. He was no more a murderer then the weapon he fired. He was merely another sort of weapon that whoever could foot the bill could buy.
He was not a man of severe habits, but everyone had their vices. Once in a while after a mission, he would find himself relaxing and winding down at a bar with a nice cold drink. He rarely drank enough to get drunk, but he had it for the taste. His inebriation of choice was marijuana. It served no purpose for his religious beliefs or had any other symbolic meaning. He simply enjoyed the high the drug gave without totally messing up his mind and capacity to think and act. He didn't let this get in the way of his job though, normally only doing this after a Job is completed and he had time off in his apartment or with friends. He also smoked cigarettes on occasion. This wasn't so much an addiction as it was stress relief and social smoking. If he were to buy a pack it would take him nearly a month or more to finish the whole thing. His flavor of choice was menthol but on rare occasions when felt like a treat, he would occasionally get a pack that was strawberry flavored. He wouldn't openly admit this to any runner though


None at current


-target elimination
-covering fire
-scrounging for useful materials
-wilderness survival


>>>>> [ Went with this guy on a simple body-guard the Johnson gig. He made a separate deal with our Johnson to assassinate the leader of the opposing team and never mentioned the fact or the 'kill signal' to any of us. Very nearly FUBAR'ed the whole deal and it was touch and go getting our mark out of the situation alive. If you work with this guy, be prepared for him to go off the reservation. Very unprofessional. ] <<<<<
-EarthMage (14:31:03/02-03-70)

>>>>> [ Sounds like he's trying to go 'lone wolf' if you ask me. Burning bridges is a surefire way to get yourself black-listed. ] <<<<<
-TeamMeating (22:57:34/02-06-70)

>>>>>[ Sort of in his defense, we were told that if the shit hit the fan we would be paid extra if this specific guy managed to die. The problem was that the shit did not appear to be hitting the fan. From my perspective the other team was playing a fair game and the meet & swap should have been uneventful. However our Johnson decided to up his game a bit and gave Dante the signal to kill the guy. A signal none of us were really aware of. I don't know about a lot of you, but my pay scale escalates dramatically between when I am just bodyguarding some guy and performing wetwork on what appeared to be a corp exec. ] <<<<<
-EarthMage (15:25:11/02-12-70)

>>>>> [It happens Chummer. I have been ons everal jobs with him, seems to be alright. I need his skills though, his eyes and accuracy is a big deal. Black listed I think he will try and avoid, the fragger is new to the Biz and thus does not really know the ins and outs. Just one of the faults of not working spacificly with a team is you have to accept that your just as much as a reliability as anybody else accepting the job, and that you too are just as expendable.] <<<<<
-Ragetrog101 [15:49:07/02-12-70]

>>>>> [See? SEE? People tell me that trogs ain't mentally deficient. They say we should treat them like brothers, but look at this. It's incoherent gibberish. I say the Japanese have the right idea. PURE BLOOD!] <<<<<
-Humanity [16:41:05/02-12-70]

>>>>> [ Condemning an entire race because one particularly noisy member of it acts like a blithering idiot on a 'trix board sure sounds like a brilliant plan. Let me know how that works out for you. ] <<<<<
- Eastwood 3:16 (12:31:22/02-13-70)

>>>>> [ Can you tell me that seriously, you think the average trog is your mental equal? They are conclusively shown to be less able to adept, less able to think critically, less able to reason and utilize logic. This isn't just racist claptrap, Eastwood. This is quantifiable scientific measurement of both cerebral activity and objective testing. Trogs are just -stupider- than humans. Is it racist if it's true? Is saying 'this person has horns' racist? Think about that, Eastwood. ] <<<<<
-Humanity (12:41:32/02-13-70)

>>>>> [ Saying “This person has horns” isn't racist. Saying “These people are less than human and the Japanese have the right idea with sending them to concentration camps or systematically exterminating them” is. As for their relative intelligence… I've met one or two that'd probably surprise you if you ever bothered to remove your blinkers. ] <<<<<
-Eastwood 3:16 (14:21:31/02-13-70)

>>>>> [ In every sample you will find exceptional members of a class. It's a shame that the most exceptional trog has the cognitive potential of my stupidest child. It's been proven over and over again that the criminal element and disease carrying elements of #$@%%^^#$#!#CIWH@$COMMAND INTERRUPT

>>>>> [ Play Nice Kids. I will turn this host around and put you to dumpshock without supper. ] <<<<<
- Silvery K (14:27:33/02-13-70)

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