"Rowwwr… Now that's a look."


Blonde shoulder length hair falls down the right side of her round feline face, the face of a lioness. Her nose is flat and with black nostrils. Her face features yellowish brown fur, except for the parties around her mouth and a small border around her yellow lion eyes and below her narrow line of black eyebrows. Obviously, all her limbs and her body, as well as her medium sized tail, are covered in the same yellowish-brown fur, darkening around the spine, but getting brighter towards the front. At the tip of her tail sits a little tuft of dark brown hair, typical for lions. The black lips of her mouth hide a set of strong fangs, befitting someone as predatory looking as she is. Adding to the feline image is the pair of roundish ears that poke out from her blonde mane, the same probably cybered and quite moveable. Around her neck is a black leather collar.

The lioness is clothed in black slacks, tight cut to emphasize her strong if shapely legs. She wears a pair of laced faux combat boots that still look like they can take a beating if necessary. A wide black leather belt at her hips features several rings affixed to it on Flat D-rings, some just dangling down, others carrying little bags that seem to contain little items. She wears a black vest with several zippers and metal applications on it, reaching barely midriff, leaving a lot of cream-colored fur exposed between it and the pants, even showing that she also features a pierced navel a silver chain dangling down from it that holds a silver male lion face pendant. Most of the time she simply leaves that vest zipped far down, offering quite a generous look at her furry cleavage. The vest ends at her elbows, exposing elaborate polished steel armbands on her forearms to sight, who are embossed in an African wilderness scenery. A large baobab tree full of leaves with a lion family resting in front of it. She wears small leather bands around her wrists small accessories affixed to them. Her hands look strong and feature claw like fingernails, painted in a dark metallic blue.

Distinguishing Features

Extensive modifications making her like a leonine anthropomorphic humanoid.

Mannerisms and Habits

Lacking data.


No known associations as of yet.


From the extend of her wares it is to be assumed that she is probably capable of feats only the enhanced can do. But as there is so far lacking information on her hardware setup, her capabilities have yet to be explored.

Name Lioness
AKA None yet
Nationality AGS
Metatype Elf
Archetype Cybersamurai
Birthdate Unknown
Eyes Yellow
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Leonide
Height 1.70
Build Slender
Cybernetics Cyberears, Fangs, Cybernetic tail, Multi-slot Chipjack, at least cosmetic eye modifications, voice mask, genetic treatment, enhanced articulation(?)
Fashion Street clothes. Certainly has a tendency towards more fancy clothes.
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