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Measuring several centimeters above the 2 meter mark (~6'7"), this blue-eyed, muscular elf has his straw-blonde hair buzz-cut which highlights his ears and elven cheekbones. He has a straight nose and full lips, with skin the color of honey. He carries himself in a ram-rod straight manner, which many find off-putting.

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Simmon's Corp
The Lucciano Crew
The Nail Salon Gang


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Name Laz Jones AKA Tonka AKA Big Laz
Nationality Unknown
Metatype Elf
Birthdate Date
Eyes Tropical sea blue
Hair Platinum
Ethnicity Scandinavian
Height 200 cm
Build Muscular & Lean
Cybernetics None
Fashion Casual & Practical but stylish
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>>> [Lean my ass! First he 'roided out to get some meat on him, then bulked up even more.]
- Regular Beefcake (23:17:45/06-02-2074)
>>> [Big Laz is big bad juju and that's why I work with the man. His rep is solid, don't believe the CalFree rumors, but definitely believe the ones around his taste in women. Yikes.]
- H. Knox (05:17:03/11-20-2074)
>>> [I can't tell if this guy is the biggest elf or the most well-proportioned tuskless ork I've seen, but he certainly brings the muscle. Great to have around if you want that reassuring presence by your side making a threat. And a more obvious target if the bullets start flying.]
- Posh (05:17:03/11-20-2074)
>>> [Pretty good guy in a fight, if you can get him to keep his fucking clothes on.]
- Vegas Odds (16:10:52/05-11-2075)
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