Name Laura
AKA LooLoo
Nationality British
Metatype Human
Archetype RIGGER
Birthdate Nov, 26 2050
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"Why does everyone I meet think I just arrived on the planet?"

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The woman you look upon has a clear and clean looking pale skin. Her hair is blonde and falls straight down from the part on the left side of her head. A big smiles is frequently displayed upon her lips and her blue eyes seem to squint a little as laughter is her prefered expression. This human female is short of two meters tall and is quite thin. The curves that are ample and generous with other ladies seem to have passed by this one with only a slight hesitation for their gift upon her.

She is currently wearing bluejeans and a brown textured sweater. A thick jacket wraps around her shoulders and offers her great protection against the elements and other things like.. projectiles. Simple jewelry consists of a silver plated watch on her left wrist, pearl drop diamond shaped ear rings, and a thin silver plated necklace with a tiny medalion hanging upon it.

With her she carries a black backpack that is common for college aged co-eds with many compartments. It is slightly extended to carry something the size of a keyboard in it but still be zipped up and protected.

Photo Available:

Distinguishing Features

110 lbs Blonde 20's human lady that speaks with a thick British accent.

Mannerisms and Habits

Polite and kind to others. It gets some looks when she treats people with respect and kindness.


So far just individual friends and associates, no organized groups.


Recon drones specialist. No drones with guns. She's handy with a weapon on her meat-body but has yet to invest in getting any drones with weapons installed.


From the UK, Laura arrived in Denver a little over two years ago. She fell in with a fella that sponsored an amazing amount of surgeries and hardware installation as well as some drones for her. Over the next two years she worked off (indentured servant arrangement) her debts to him and has just recently earned her freedom and gone out on her own as a freelance rigger.

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