Name Kirstin Larrs
AKA Krissy, ChromeTrims, Pink, Maribel
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Rigger
Birthdate May 30, 2042
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Krissy stands at about Five Eight, and her build is very femenine; she has respectable but not overly large breasts, and sexy hips. She has long legs. Her skin is a little on the pale side as if she doesn't get enough sun. Her hair style changes often, but it is almost invariably dyed bright, neon pink or yellow, or some combination of both. She favors wild styles like mohawks. Her clothing usually follows trashy street patterns, including garish outfits like transparrent PVC dresses, neon colored clothes. She usually sports a huge number of piercings, both facial or otherwise.

Distinguishing Features

Heavily pierced, loves Drum & Bass music, likes to drive fast cars. Drinks a lot. Smokes cannabis almost habitually. Can't dance for shit, but tries anyway. Fun-loving.

Mannerisms and Habits

Heavy smoker and drinker, clubber and party-gooer. Loves to race, organized or not. Very proud of her drone and vehicle creations.


Drinks at Blindside's roadhouse bar even though they're technically competitors. Head mechanic and manager at Wrench's Werks. Knows many faces on the Denver Shadowscene.


Good driver and excelent rigger when it comes to cars, rotocraft or walkers. Also a fair mechanic, and brags at being able to fix damn near anything. Skilled gunner. Minor skill in using a pistol.


Krissy was born and raised in Denver. Her father was a car mechanic, who ran a respectable shop on the very edge of the UCAS warrens. Her mother was, in her younger life, a waitress, a small-time singer, and a stripper, but by the time she had Krissy, she had given up those jobs, as her husband was providing for the family. Krissy never had luxury when she was growing up, never had the best things or the nicest house, but she had something else. Her parents were loving and they gave her what they could, and from a very young age she was interested in cars. She would sit in the garage while her dad was working, and watch how he worked, not truly understanding untill she was older, but her fascination with cars began at a very young age. As she grew up in years, instead of simply watching, she began to help her father run the garage when she was not in school, she was either doing simple jobs for her dad or talking to customers.

By the time Krissy came of age, she was more than adept at car mechanics, able to perform almost any kind of maintainance given the right equipment, and just about getting the hang of customization. She had also picked up a little skill in working with flying or walking drones, but barely enough to diagnose a problem let alone fix it. She had also decided that she was going to get a liscence, learn to drive and race and rig, no matter what it took. Against her father's wishes, she signed on with a megacorp who promised to train her and loan her the money for her VCR and liscence, as long as she worked a five year minimum contract as a driver for them. After a few background checks and aptitude tests, she was accepted for the 'apprenticeship' and begun her driver training course. She was soon qualified to drive a car and got her liscence. She also soon after this had her surgery to have the VCR unit installed, as well as a couple of other pieces of nececary equipment, and she begun her life as a corporate vehicle rigger.

Well, she served her 5 years, her natural intelligence and speed and reactions serving her well, and in this time she learned a little more about drones as from time to time she had to use them during her time, often operating them as bodyguards or escorts for important people in the company after dropping them off or while picking them up.

Eventually, Krisy got tired of being a corper- she had always had an issue with authority, and after a number of arguments with her superiors, she left on less-than-wonderful terms with her previous employers. To this day, her job at Wrench's Werks pays off those corporate loans. She's in the shadows to save up enough to pay them off, and retire somewhere sunny.

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