Name Kira Juliana Ekstrom Ruiz
AKA Christina Sinclaire, Charlotte Brooks
Nationality Aztechnology Corporate Citizen
Metatype Elf
Archetype Face
Birthdate December 31st, 2051
Place of Birth Medellin, Colombia, Aztlan
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An attractive elf in her mid or possibly late twenties, short and curvy for her metatype. Aside from her glossy, wavy hair, her elven genetics and mixed European and semitic heritage have given her soft cinnamon eyes, long lashes, sleek brows, gently curved features, and full lips. Her gently-tanned skin is nearly flawless, interrupted only by a few small, select tattoos.


  • A floral design along her lower back.
  • A small heart along the inside of her left wrist.

Mannerisms and Habits

Though she defaults to speaking in English with a very faint accent, she is capable of slipping into the deliberately non-distinct middle American accent practiced by reporters throughout North America when in the right company.

She is visibly shaken by displays of physical violence, and seems uncomfortable around most weapons.


At present, her only known associates in Denver are a small-time fixer named Chesterton and an Aztlaner ork drug dealer who goes by Ojos Locos.


Though she might seem perfectly unsuited to life as a shadowrunner, she is skilled at negotiating social interactions of all types, extremely adept at making the right kinds of friends in the right kinds of places (or the right kinds of friends in the wrong kinds of places), and investigation.


It is hard to imagine a life that would prepare someone less for the Denver shadows. She grew up inside the Aztechnology corporate bubble, spending every day from her birth until she went off to college in either company arcologies or castillos, mostly in the region of Aztlan that was formerly Colombia. Both of her parents worked for the Azzies, and her father was in fact a fairly high-level manager within Aztechnology itself. She excelled in school, at her father's urging, and upon graduating from high school, she was offered and accepted a full scholarship to the University of Missouri, where she majored in journalism. Upon graduating, she was immediately hired by the Aztechnology media subsidiary Televisa, and assigned as a field reporter to the main Tenochtitlan affiliate.

She distinguished herself with gutsy field reporting that primarily involved Tenochtitlan's criminal element, and was by all accounts a rising star in the media conglomerate until her sudden firing as the Aztlan government brought her up on drug charges. She was able to enlist the aid of contacts she'd made in the Tenochtitlan underworld to smuggle herself through Aztlan and across the Treaty City border into UCAS territory, where her thoroughly unemployable status as an Aztechnology fugitive has left her little choice but to turn to the shadows.

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