Karen Delacroix
Name Anne Gilette
AKA Karen Delacroix
Nationality Quebecois
Metatype Human
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate July 21, 2048
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"Lying and martial arts share the same basic principles. Both in deceit and in combat, one must project confidence, and a sense of absolute surety that one truly believes something utterly untrue."


This tall young woman is a bit on the rangy side. Shoulder-length dark hair sits atop a narrow and somewhat exotic face, with a small nose, full lips, and deep-set brown eyes, lined with kohl. She is all-over skinny, and her limbs and her fingers are particularly long.

She is presently wearing an Actioneer suit, tailored to complement her narrow waist and shoulders, with a green necktie and shiny dress shoes. All she has in the way of jewelry is a simple silver wristwatch, and she carries a plain black briefcase.

Distinguishing Features


Mannerisms and Habits

Very calm and rational, likes to plan things in advance. Always meticulously dressed.


Possible connexions to MoM, I-Spotlight, and more extreme rights groups like the ADA.


Delacroix has demonstrated some skill at martial arts, stealth, and is apparently an adept fast-talker.


Originally from Montreal, dropped out of college to pursue extremist activism.

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