Name Alexandra Dunyasha
AKA Kardis, Red Queen, Ice Bitch
Nationality Russia
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype Fixer
Birthdate —-
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"ThisIsTheLifeUSee TheDevilTipsHisHat2Me"


Red headed Russian woman often dressed in the finest of brands and most expensive of tastes. It is often noted she walks with a limp on her right knee and almost always wears a brace.

Mannerisms and Habits

She can be very cold and callous; business and making money is what most people know her for caring about. But least she’s fair and treats everyone this way.


Stuff here!


She's a fixer and a damned good one. She's gotten everything from Delta grade cyber to maxed out magical supplies. If you can think of it she knows how to get it, for the right price.


A Vory princes raised in mother Russia but sent to Denver for reasons she’s never discussed, just like she’s never explained why she wears a brace and walks with a cane despite modern medicine/magic. Since getting to Denver she’s made a name for herself as a skilled fixer and talented negotiator. The Red Queen has been known to go out into the field on jobs here and there but is more often found working the other side of the table from her establishment the Lyve Wyre.

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