Name Jhean Patel
AKA Tail girl
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Detective
Birthdate May 15, 2051
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"Judging by the splatter, the guy who did this was big, not a troll but big. We're looking for a left handed human, or orc with spurs."


An athleticly built woman, whom stands at the height of five-foot-five and looks to have a couple years to go before she's in her twenties. Her forehead and ears are covered by thick, scraggly black hair, which hangs down and sweeps back behind her neck. Deep-set brown eyes with a hint of red in them are perched above a medium-short length nose that ends in small nostrils, and a pair of curved, almond-shaped lips. A small brown mole is visible on the upper left corner of her round, high-set cheeks. She seems to come from Malays Indonesian decent.

Distinguishing Features

A long prehensile tail.

Mannerisms and Habits

Relaxed and easy going in social situations, but sharp and professional when on the job. Almost always seen with a pack of harsh mint cigarettes.


Known to associate with the fixer known as Antemael, working jobs for him and his web of contacts.


Perceptive, cautious and aware, Kalyani is a trained detective. Skilled in forensics she's able to deduce the situation from evidence left behind at the scene. No stranger to the hard streets of Denver, she's skilled in many forms of defense both hand to hand and ranged. Through her career as a detective, Kalyani has learned to blend in with any social situation as well as developing into an adept negotiator.

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