Name No Authentic SIN
AKA Julian Caesar, Seven,
Seventh Caesar, Chops,
Nationality Warrens Rat
Metatype Troll
Archetype Renaissance Trog
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"Ow! My ass!"



Matrix Icon: A black and neon green Cassok floats a few inches off the ground, a matching green and black stole with various computer symbols embroidered in it flanks a neon green pectoral cross. His head is a perfect sphere, which floats above the collar, whose surface ripples when he speaks. A neon green zucchetto cap sits on top of the sphere.

Distinguishing Features

Snow white hair, his facial hair is a Muttonchop style

Thundermark tattoo on the base of his neck, left side.

Mannerisms and Habits

Stuff here!


The Roman Project (Seperated)
The Bad List (Disbanded)
The Draco Foundation (Contractor)
Sons of Perun (Disbanded)
Praetorian Tactical Solutions (Founder)


Force Recon
Sniper Cover
Light to Medium Assault
Intrusion and Demolitions
Limited Decking


The man known popularly as Julian Caesar has no authentic SIN. Growing up an orphan on the streets of the Warrens, he was unwillingly drafted in The Roman Project, a secret initiative bankrolled by Renraku to tranform metahumans into dangerous killers. Julian was Subject 7. Part of his idoctrination included the implantation of various cyber and bioware that increased his awareness and intelligence, and this is ultimately what allowed him to escape. It allowed him to reason past the indoctrination and brainwashing, and eventually he was free of it's influence. During a mission in the Warrens, Julian went rogue and escaped, finding refuge with Antigone, the owner of E.J.s Mercantile.

For a time, Julian worked with Antigone on various missions during his recuperation, and she helped him form an identity, as well as helped him purchase some key peices of equipment. He served with her right up until she died in an explosion set off by another rogue Roman subject.

Julian went freelance then, and has been ever since. He sought a position with the Watcher's organization before disappearing suddenly from Denver. Taking an overseas job from a J that his contact vouched for, he was lured into a trap and implanted with a cranial bomb. For several months he served as an unwilling soldier for the Sons of Perun, a Neo-Soviet group based along Russia's border with the Middle East, dedicated to guarding against encroachment by foreign powers. During his time there, he made friends with a man in Turkey who knew an excellent Cyberdoc. With the doctor's help, the bomb was removed, and Julian took his revenge on the man who had implanted it before fleeing Russia and returning to Denver

Since returning to Denver, Julian has been learning computers in hopes of becoming a decker to improve his resume. He's also been offloading and selling a lot of gear he'd been storing while away, trying to simplify even as he expands.

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