Johny Wulfson

"I'm with Sugartits."

- Johan Wulfson, 2069

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Johan 'Johny' Wulfson
(AKA: Nacht, Zero, Zulutime, Greyscale, Skuzz, OpSec, Reb, Alamo, Blaze, Zeropoint, Rockwell, Fynn, Zerocool, Johnny Reb, Mason, Dixon)
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Euro-German)
Vitals: 6'1, 210 lbs, L. Brown Hair, Green Eyes
DOB: 2034(Age 35) (Corpus Christi, Texas, Now Aztlan)
Nationality: Confederated American States
Extra Information: Personal Issues

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Distinguishing Features: Early 30s, Caucasian human male with vaguely Germanic features and a near perfect physique.
Mannerisms and Habits:Johan frequents less than savory locals, favoring meets to take place in strip clubs, bad bars, dark rooms and matrix fetish chat rooms.
Associations: Johan has a strong reputation in the shadows. A bit of a loose cannon, a little devil may care, but solid. Known to be associated with many across the shadowscene. Reputed links to the Mob, intelligence agencies and politicians of all levels.
Capabilities: Unknown. Some say he's a decker. Some say he's a physical adept. Some say he's a mage. Some just don't say.



Journal (Strictly OOC): Perspectives

>>>>>[ Anyone know what this guy looks like?]<<<<<
- Whom-not-Who

>>>>>[ I worked with Nacht once in Seattle. He is about 2.3 meters tall, probably 300 pounds of pure muscle. An Ork, by metatype and black by ethnicity.]<<<<<
- Pry-vat Aye

>>>>>[ No way. I worked with him on a job near Miami in 68. He's an elf, Native American. ]<<<<<
- Johnny Silverhand

>>>>>[ The guy changes face and race like most of us change underwear. I have an excellent set of visual measurements I key into a command set that alerts me when anyone around me matches the measurements with a big flashing red warning and a highlight. Trouble is he seems to go in and get his spine reconfigured, his skull shaved and shoulders widened every six months or so, meaning he surprises me again. And before you ask, no, I won't share the measurements. ]<<<<<
- Tinman

>>>>>[ Sounds like this guy *is* the reason you apparently change your underwear so often, Tinman. ]<<<<<
- Native Heat

>>>>>[ Some of us just enjoy hygiene, Heat. But he *is* pretty scary in action. ]<<<<<
- Tinman

>>>>>[ I can say he is a decker. One of the best.]<<<<<
- DigitalSidhe

>>>>>[ This man is a ghost, moving in and out of the shadows to perform a job and then vanishing again. Assassin, bodyguard, blunt object or smooth operator, this man has done it all. Reputed to be from an Elite CAS strike team originally, he has made Denver his sometimes home. He operates here and abroad with a winning smile and icy precision, the sort of professional you want at your side and fear to have to cross.]<<<<<

Other information


"Sometimes the right thing, the moral thing, the thing that helps you sleep at night, is not the correct thing to do. Sometimes we are monsters, doing monstrous things, to keep greater still monsters at bay."
- Samuel Clemens, 2067

"When you work as a handler, it's best to think of people as 'assets'. That is, assets are simply resources used to accomplish a goal. Your car is an asset. Your gun is an asset. The guy you send in with the bomb strapped to his balls, is an asset. That's because you don't have a personal relationship with an asset. You don't care about an asset. You don't miss the scent of an asset when she leaves the room."

Covert intelligence involves a lot of waiting around. You know what it's like being a spy? Like sitting in your dentist's reception area 24 hours a day. You read magazines, sip coffee, and every so often someone tries to kill you.
- Samuel Thayer, 2040

Making yourself invisible when you need to is a crucial skill for a covert operative; it sounds exotic but it's not like there's a super-secret move they teach you at spy school that allows you to vanish into thin air. Often it's just a matter of quick thinking, fast feet, and strong fingers.
- Viktor Rodenko, 2036

Spend a career in covert ops and you're going to know some bad people. You'll work with them, you'll live with them, you might even trust your life with them. But none of that makes them your friend. It can't. Because one day, you might have to end them.
- Johan Von Dieter, 2038

A killer, paid or not, is like a landscaper, a maid or a babysitter. Good help is hard to find, and people don't like to share.
- Viktor Rodenko, 2041

Facts are the hallmark of a good false identity. It is harder to create history than it is to alter it. Plus, the more truth to your lie, the easier it is to remember.
- Samuel Thayer, 2040

For any operative, stashing weapons is second nature after a while. Spies hide guns like squirrels hide acorns. You never know when you'll need some firepower, or where you'll be when you need it.
- Johan Von Dieter, 2035

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