John Wayne Cash
Name Duke Harley
AKA John Wayne Cash, Cowboy
Nationality CAS (Arlington, TX)
Metatype Human
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate 4/13/2039
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"Love is: A battlefield."


Standing as tall as an orc, this human is an easy six feet, six inches, with an eighty-three inch reach. His build is a combination of thick bulky muscle and toned athleticism, pushed to the human extremes. His torso is T shaped, tapering down to an almost disturbingly slim waist. His shock white hair is short, with just the slightest bit of bands touching over his right eye. The man has a chin like a brick, and a large wide mouth with big cosmeticly perfect teeth, obviously all replacements, but nice ones. Both of his cybereyes are featureless mirrored chrome, with his eyelist intact so he can blink and emote with them. You don't need magic to realise this guy is a vatjob. He doesn't move like a normal human, so graceful and light in his steps despite his easily 240 lb frame.

Distinguishing Features

White hair, chrome eyes, disturbingly athletic build, tall

Mannerisms and Habits

Smoker, drinker, philanthropist, gambler, workout enthusiast, drama broker


Watchers, the B team, known to favor jobs for the draco foundation, weak ties to the sioux community


Feats of superhuman strength and dexterity. World renowned martial arts talent. Expert marksman with pistols, shotguns grenade launchers and Heavy Machine Guns. Seasoned tactician, in shadowrun and mercenary settings. PHD level surgeon with specializations in psychology and genetics, LAUGHABLY PATHETIC HISTORY REGARDING INEPTITUDE WITH MAGLOCKS.


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Shortened version, with in game additions:

Born in a military lab in Arlington Tx, Duke Harley was raised in a virtual reality akin to earlier UV matrix systems, not unlike an interactive simsense program. He successfully completed his training at the age of 14 along with 15 other children, whom like him, had been grown in biotech robotic womb tanks from donated parents. Not cloning, but very selective breeding with blatant genetic tampering. In addition to his own experiences, he and the other subjects were implanted with the suppressed memories of soldiers who had been the best of the best, an experiment to engrain battle hardened reason into young recruits.

At 14, he was put into active duty as a weapons expert and was part of a unit of the CAS Rangers. Inside of a year, he made corporal, and by the time he was 16, he was a lieutenant, leading his own campaigns overseas. As world conflict popped up, Duke and his rangers showed up, emerging from the shadows with point blank, government funded doomsticks, with a full suite of the latest, state of the art cyberware, including a pair of kid stealth legs he was at one point known for.

This would continue into his 20s. He was already used to being a deniable asset, able to survive and travel with speed over harsh, unknown territory, protecting the CAS and often Saeder-Krupp's investments.

At 22, he was the celebrated, well decorated soldier, given the task of quelling an uprising in kabul to sabotage the inauguration of a new regime. He and his entire unit were dropped in the wilds of the persian empire, left to infiltrate the city incognito, not able to represent ties to the CAS. As they laid in wait for the time to make their move, Aden, the great sirrush, attacked the city, bringing down entire skyscrapers. This experience would haunt Duke for the rest of his life. Molten metal rained on he and his comrades as they escaped the city. Counting Duke, there were 4 survivors (Though one was in a hibernation trance). Grimm the troll and Halo the Elf, along with Argent, the down human cyber-magical-phsyad (Hibernating).

The entire left side of Duke's body was doused in molten metal, resulting in horrible burn scars, rendering him almost unrecognizable. Grimm dragged the other three of them out of the city, so halo could apply her biotech skills. Assuming that Argent was dead, she harvested one of his eyes and implanted it in Duke's left eye socket, giving him mismatched red and green slitted cat's eyes.

He recovered to a point that they could travel, choosing the path through what was formerly russia. Along the way, they bartered off their heavier weapons for supplies. The three of them all had horrible injuries, and Halo was getting sick from constant exposure to the snow. They traded their last weapons for a ride on a russian whaling boat which got close to alaska.

From their drop point, they traveled through the wild indian lands, escaping harrowing experiences with bears and giant wolves and the like. Halo's illness overtook her, and Duke clawed through tundra to make her a grave. This experience would leave him shellshocked and dissassociated, something he was never prepared for in his training.

Having become tired of Duke's complacency and petulence, Grimm, his last remaining teammate abandoned him in the wilderness for parts unknown. Duke ran like a wild dog through the northern forests, mind rent asunder from the shock of spending most of his life in military excersizes, with the added shock of implanted memories.

He lived in a haze for the next six months, ending up unknowingly wandering into an underground tunnel that smugglers use to get into Seattle. When he hit the city, he lived like a rat in the walls, watching the way civilians lived, things like luxury and recreation foreign to him. He quickly became overstimulated and fell in with the gang known as the "Red wings" led by kid stealth himself. This is how he learned to act like a normal human, so his earlier experiences involved a terrible sense of etiquette.

Duke built up a reputation for a talent with wetwork, and managed to survive the seattle scene. He had made too many enemies and needed a fresh start. A police officer he had befriended arranged for Duke to be transported as a dead body to Denver, where a cousin of his would be waiting to pick him up.

The first team he joined in denver was horribly doublecrossed, once again leaving Duke as the sole survivor. He quickly murdered and organlegged the J, giving him a rough start in the mile high city. He was a loose cannon, a berserk street samurai who'd never been properly socialized. Barbaric with an expert intelligence.

Eeking by on odd jobs, such as para-animal disposal and ghoul hunting, he built up a reputation for being a respectable warrior, a warrens runner for sure due to his freakish appearance and uncouth habits. He went by the name Reaver, and slowly but surely he became a local legend in tinker town, keeping the denizens safe and fed in his downtime. In return, tinkertown gave him a place to hide, a place where his weirdness did not set him aside and for the first time, he had a home.

Years passed and he became more socialized and learned how to control his murderous rage. He learned the art of shadowrunning from his peers, cutting teeth with the best and building a reputation for being a trustworthy and decent person. However he knew his past would always haunt him, and chose to change his body as radically as possible. He cloned parts of his spine, both of his legs, and a good deal of the surface tissue on the burned half of his body, opting for full reconstruction essentially, ridding himself of the military implants and going back to zero.

Now, as John Wayne Cash, he looked as a normal human, in most regards. He recreated his identity, and started a new life, now more human than ever previously. Then, one day he left his girlfriend and ran off for darker shores, following his desires to be a shadowrunner over love. He immersed himself in the culture, committing himself to the task of keeping up a pristine shadow profile. With his new lease on life, he slowly but surely upgraded his cybernetics back to a presentable level for a street samurai, learning some points of the trade from the many skilled surgeons he knew. He quickly became a doctor on his own, specializing in cybernetic implants.

Project lazarus was discovered both by Ares and Aztlan subsidiaries, and they wanted to vivisect the samurai to unravel the secrets of the project. They succeeded in kidnapping and mindwiping Duke, burning his memories to simsense to be analyzed. He was quickly rescued by beloved comrades, but unfortunately only half of his memories were recovered.

Similar to a drone, Duke, now referring to himself as "Cash", bonded to Sully, a rigger friend. For the next few weeks, they stabilzed him and used a PAB to reimplant some elements of his personality, but in the end, the person they'd come to know was simply gone, for the most part.

His hair was shocked to white, and he found himself reborn once again, the new forming personality choosing to reject his past, and become it's own person, having shocking differences in ethics and approach to situations.

Where Duke had grown soft to a degree, Cash embodied the shadowrunner. Simple and cold, methodical and for hire. He played every side of the field, having generated the respect one needs to operate as a wild card in the org scenes as well as in the shadows of megacorps.

Friends died off, or moved on, and he found himself in the company of old enemies turned friends and new allies. He formed a team called "The Diamond Dogs", specializing in wetwork and assasinations. The team broke apart under normal circumstances. He still keeps distant contact with them from time to time, the other members having skipped cities.

Using his considerable wealth, he opened a massive dojo in Tinker Town (Which later moved above ground), investing his shadow skills in future generations. The Aurora Academy of self defense was a mecca of fighting and health in the undertown, and multiple runners would show up to give guest seminars. Additionally, many fights were held there, the stuff of legends. It was the mat on which titans clashed.

Cash helped a great many shadowrunners cut their teeth on small jobs, helping them learn the skills and aquire the right contacts and gear to survive in the shadow world.

Now a freelance shadowrunner, he built up a reputation so marvelous and spectacular that the entire shadow community of Denver voted him the best street samurai in town. He quietly receded into the shadows after that, now devoting his life to full time teaching.

He would be contacted by Saeder Krupp, who had put together the where and whens of his origins, and pointed out that they, in fact owned him. He agreed to work a two year contract with them, joining a think tank to master new simsense technologies, more advanced than battletac systems. Little is known about his contribution to the project, but the official records state that it the product generated was too untested for use.

Now having lived out his contract and earned his freedom, he returned to the mile high city to find the scene completely different from the way it had been. He felt old and alienated. People didn't know his name anymore and jobs didn't seem to pay as well. He buckled down and hit the shadows again, and found after stretching a bit, he could still run with the big dogs.

This was about the time that he was recruited into the Watchers, who's ideals he shared almost to the letter. He appreciated the opportunity, and is known to still run with the team, but his time has been limted due to many unexplained trips out of town.

He now mainly pursues odd tasks, having earned the money to simply live life at a leisurely pace. He pushes himself to the human extremes, having been seen in the barrens dragging a truck down the street on a chain. He's a friendly face to many, not really social enough anymore to get involved in the scene drama. The horrors of his past are behind him, and he's able to enjoy a quiet life spent in craft and reflection, honing his martial talents even further.

>>>>>[This man operates under any number of names. Once one of the most cybernetic beings on the planet, he scaled back in ware in recent years. Do not think for a moment that this makes him any less dangerous, because it doesn't. A competent mercenary with countless years experience in hand to hand combat, his skill is unquestionable and nearly insurmountable. Atop that, he shows remarkable prowess with virtually any weapon ever made, from a basic stick to the Stoner-Ares Quad Laser. The Man in Black, The Texas Tornado, Cash is a lethal weapon that you let loose to make war.]<<<<<
- Silk

>>>>> [ One tough as nails hombre. But one you can trust at your back ] <<<<<
-Eastwood 3:16 (18:35:33/01-28-70)

>>>>> [ Cybered? Drek, I heard he was a cat shaman.]] <<<<<
-Boxingfan (7:48:30/02-12-70)

>>>>> [ This guy is just awesome. He works hard, and he is always there for me. Thank you, Sir! ] <<<<<
—Nine Lives (05:04:11/02-15-70)

>>>>> [ This man makes me look positively sane and stable. ] <<<<<
- «< Nacht »> (03:09:13/02-16-70)

>>>>> [ Can't say that there is anyone who is his equal. Saved my life and my sanity more than once. None better to have at your back. ] <<<<<
—Silver and Co.

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