Daemon Starks
Name Joseph "Joey" Anthony Lucciano
AKA Joey 'Bats', Daemon Starks
Nationality Italian-American, East Coast
Metatype Human
Archetype Mobster, Combat Rigger…
Birthdate Feb 24, 20**
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"All women are hookers except your mom and mine, capisce?"


A mature male, between the ages of 40 and 49, of southern European descent. Tall and well built at 6'3", looking 245 pounds. Light olive skin, weathered through a few decades of the harsh world; yet a pleasantly charming, smooth and clean-shaven face resembling a youthful rogue. A recently made blade thin scar runs down his right cheek. Dark wavy hair a glossy black shade and short cropped. A pair of dark, new style glasses rest over his eyes, adjusting tint with the environment. His light brown eyes hide a well of emotions when revealed and on his ear are several earrings glowing with a soft blue florescent light. Two small dark silver circular spots near the back of his ear are shaved clean for quick access to the data jack and secondary port, but only noticeable from side profile.

Seems like a lively fellow, but there's something about the way he walks and talks, that says, "I got secrets that could kill you."

Distinguishing Features

Sense of designer style in Italian suits, extremely well stocked build, larger than a normal human, but shows it well with a toned muscular structure that almost seems 'athletic' in bulk. Light blue florescent earring. Silky soft hair.

Mannerisms and Habits

Smokes Solo Brand black cigarettes with an herbal flavor, always lighting with an old school chrome Zippo.

Fast women and faster cars; Joey known by his alias, Daemon Starks, has run through the street racing circuits of the deeper shadows for some years.

Has an eye for two types of candy; Candy, the girl that works the club at Perfect Ten and Catacombs on Thursdays, and the kind that is pure white Colombian powder. Frequents gentlemens clubs, carousing the night for business, meetings, pleasure, and bad habits.

Prefers VIP sections of any club, and frequents many of the local 'lime light' spots around town with his small crew associations.

Loves to drink old school Scottish Whiskey, single malt, a bottle of 'Old Smuggler' is often under the bar at Franky's.

Not the easiest person to approach; mild in manner until you provoke or cross a line, then Joey Lucciano's bad side comes down like a steam locomotive.

Can be very cocky at times, but in general, he's a real Good'fella.


It's been rumored that Joey Lucciano is apart of the Mafia in Denver, shipped in close to fifteen years ago from a Boston Family back East. But his ties with the Don have slowed in recent months due to outside events and circumstances that seem more surreal and outlandish than fiction; but those in the know, know the reasons and understandings behind the recent fall of grace with Don Aspanu Innocenti.

Affiliated with the Ratto Family of the five family's in Denver's Italian Organized Crime. Made Man and currently (circa 2077) running a crew out of CAS from Chrome and a warehouse operation in the north Warrens. Lucciano used to run downtown Franky's Sports Bar. Franky's is now managed by a company of Family members close to Joey Lucciano. Joseph 'Bigs' Chiozinni & Johnny 'Boy' Regianno crew boss of the Regianno Crew; Ratto Family, Made members.

Lucciano's ties extend to the bigger, badder Luther Sucrease (Capo of the Sucrease Family); big black mean Ork that's earned the respect of Don Aspanu. So Joey's still got friends high above that show him favor.

Recent Rumors

It's been said that Joey Lucciano put up the moeny to buy Chrome from the retired runner Sumashigao. Lucciano used his negotiator, Cassidy "The Dragon" , as a front buyer, happy to just pull strings from the shadows and use the place as his haunt.

"I heard he's working on a corporate take over or buyout of Franky's Sports Bar, yeah, that place he used to operate for one of them Italian Families."

Joey Lucciano's been sighted again on the streets of Denver after a year long hiatus of laying low. Rumor is he was in Vegas with Bigman gambling and taking advantage of the local strip club talent. Seems to be making some minor moves, nothing major in his few months back.

Recent Events

11/2077 - Recently detained by Knight Errant by the Major Crimes High Threat Unit due to a shooting of Derek Simpson at the Stage Perilous downtown UCAS. Rumors swirl about conspiracy theories and hostile take over of Simpson's territory recently ceded from the Ratto - Simpson split off. Joey Lucciano remained loyal to the Ratto Family, the reason he lost Franky's Sports Bar and the UCAS Downtown territory.

»»Daemon Starks lights the cigarette and looks over the carnage, "Boxer, the time for killing isn't far away.. enjoy these quiet moments before and after the storm. Soon enough, You won't remember what quiet sounds like." The Italian exhales smoke and death into the night. Wed Nov 7 22:31:45 2072

Past Events

"Franky's Sports Bar? I hear that's where the Regianno Crew from the Ratto Family hang out, as well as the Lucciano crew affiliates. Hear there's a secret gambling club somewhere around there.. hot girls, booze, and money to be made."
-Jon BonGiovanni, Valet Man

"Starks… what I hear is he's got several high level Detectives workin' towards his favor from time to time. Even a Distract Attorny at the UCAS club house that bends the letter of the law for a favorable outcome."
-Officer Morales, LS

"Lucciano? That fat Italian meatball? Eh, fuck it.. he can break me leg all day long, but I got somethin' he needs.. Nah, what I know? Loose connections with some Russian Mob affiliates, and fingers in all sorts of street level pies & clubs. He's nothin' better than a street level enforcer with a hard on for hookers. Wait.. he aint' outside is he? Forget i said anythin'!!!"
-Local street Fixer

"Ahhhh, Joey 'Bats'.. runs Lucciano crew, nah.. his brutha don' run wit' him no more, already chose a different side from what I can tell, two sides of the tracks, can't work out for much longer I'm sure the way the new heirchy is made in the Italian Family's. But Joey's still got connections from Choppers Motorcycle Club and Latin Kings in the East side streets, to several Capos of the Family's in Denver. He's /got/ his bones, so no touchin' him wit'out permission.. our the Ratto's will put a bullet in the back of your head."
-Little Niki Scappeli

"Me an Joey's reallll TIGHT niggah.. He loves his Gangsta'licious rap VIP passes to the stages, tons of bootay! Party favors.. he takes care ah certain problems, and I take care of him fo' sho bitches!!"
-Gangastalicious MC

Lucciano Crew

Known affiliations to Joey Lucciano are several runners within the shadows of Denver's streets.

The Magic Man: Paul J "Biggie", Bigman. The mojo slinging youth from Boston who's father has close ties with the Lucciano family back East. Biggie came for reasons 'unknown' to those outside of the close knit family, but has been here and working for Joey Lucciano for the last year, learning, earning, and growing in experience and talent. He's like a nephew to Joey Lucciano, and is now acting 2nd in command for crew business.

The Negotiator: Cassidy 'Sid', the Dragon, is known to push through the tough skins of negotiations that often tie into Lucciano's underworld business. Cassidy has been with Daemon Starks for some years now, helping with the various problems on street level enforcement, to higher up more delicate problems of social and reputation levels, equipment acquisitions, trade agreements, etc.

The Lawyer: Knox is a most recent business associations to Joey Lucciano, although they have worked together in the past.

Former Crew Associates (retired, dead, missing)

The Jack of Spades: Johnny Slide. Multilateral man of various skill sets, working out problems and crew business with a professional handle and leaving no loose ends.

The Trix Wiz: Irish Matrix security deck jockey with a flare for Irish brews and liquors.

The Associate: TeeJay Beauty kills, so we've come to find out. TeeJay is a supporting associate and very capable of handling situations with either delicacy or combat force.

The Loner: Lobo UPDATE: October 2009 - Lobo has walked away from the crew life, no longer associated with Lucciano.


COMBAT RIGGER - Drone Warfare & Electronics Warfare: specializing in Rotor Aircraft & street wheeled vehicles; can drive anything with a suave and experienced hand, perfect for that emergency evacuation you may need, or extra support on a bad turn of events.

ENFORCER - "Man's not just your skinny rigger in an armored shell, he's built for street enforcement needs as well. Firearms capable from Pistols to Shotguns, toss a burst of APDS Franchi slugs at you and trust me, you won't remember your birthday after that. Can Brawl with professional level fighters if he needs to. Weapon or no weapon, he'll be more than a match to handle most samurai's on the street; seen him take bullets and laugh as they bounce off his armor."

DATA BROKER - Starks has connections to many levels of street to corporate society that he can turn to for information, as well as a list of different professionals on his pay roll that can find many types of information someone may need.

ACQUISITIONS - If you're looking a certain hard to find item, or something's being hauled from point A to point B and you'd like a crack at taking it? He'd be your lead man to bring on that.

SMUGGLING - Knowledge of Denver metropolitan, FTZ, Rural country side with a deep foundation of hard to find smuggling routes through out the different zones of Denver. You need something hopped across a border? Daemon can find a way to do it without you worrying for customs and border patrol hassling the cargo.

PROFESSIONAL COURIER & SECURITY PILOT - He's licensed for professional and security transport as a pilot with an excellent source of vehicles to choose from.

VEHICLE ACQUISITIONS & CUSTOMIZATIONS - Starks owns a vehicle facility warehouse; a chop shop, and several methods of finding what you need for a vehicle all the way up to installing modifications for you various shadow running needs.


Joey Lucciano? Oh, yeah. What I've heard is that he's pretty hard-working, very tough, awfully dependable to his crew and decisive. But I also heard that he's moderately paranoid, arrogant, fairly cruel and moderately intolerant. I mean, he's one of the best there is. But overall, he's a real knight in shining armor, y'know? That's all I know..

Historical Moments for Joey Lucciano

Still image captured outside of Catacombs Nightclub - 2074 - CAS

Bugsy Thompson - Soldier - Known personal bodyguard for Lucciano

The wedding of Lucciano's favorite nephew, Joey McGonagle III


The birth of Lucciano's great nephew, Maxwell Luis McGonagle De Cross

Joey McGonagle III (Right) and bother Aaron Ortega (left)

Lucciano's favored vehicle


Coming soon.

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>>> [Only professional Rigger and full-time bad-ass that I know of who has his vehicles stolen by GANGERS. Holy crap man! Get an active and lethal defense system installed. You know what I'm talkin' about?]
- EarthMage (12:55:02/02-03-70)
>>> [I've looked under the hood and between the metal on that Armored luxury sports sedan of his. His security system was top notch. It had to be the best of the best professionals to jack that car, not petty street gang boosters. I'm thinking they should either have been shot, or hired, but I heard there was too much on Lucciano's plate to spare them any thought. The point is, the vehicle was returned, and some lucky guys got off easy out of the kindness of Joey's heart I'm guessing.]
- Xenon (04:20:45/02-04-72)
>>> [Yeah, he's also the brother of that cheating, sneaking, too-smarmy-for-his-own-good boxer, Pauly "The Pulse" Lucciano. Don't mess with either of these bros, ho's, cause believe it- while they may fight, ain't nothin' tighter than famiglia, capisce?]
- BoxingFan (05:35:02/02-09-70)
>>> [Being rather vehement there, BF. What happened? Pauly win a fight when you were betting against him?]
- Eastwood 3:16 (08:14:23/02-11-70)
>>> [This man goes by any number of names and has been a fixture in the Denver shadows for years. Reputed to be THE rigger to beat, he is said to command legions of state of the art drones and milspec vehicles, a spy network that the CIA would die for, and a different lady for every day of the month. Suave, debonair, but never one to cross, The Man is just that.]
- Silk (09:14:12/02-11-70)
>>> [Starks took a lot of hits in the recent mob war, with nearly no one trusting him. Everyone expected him to go to the Simpson when the war ended, but he surprised a lot of people by staying with honor, not money. Say what you will about his personal habits, and trust me, they are repugnant… he does have a sense of self lacking in many others.]
- Nacht (10:34:42/02-11-70)
>>> [Everyone loves our boy Starks for getting to a prime position, but no one remembers the mistakes he's pulled in the past. Like the heist of a vehicle in a certain part of the Asian Sector that nearly started a bloody war between the Mafia and the Triads. Simpson had to move quick to cover Joey's ass, and Starks was told to go apologize to the Triad leader he'd angered. Whatever happened during that meeting left Starks white-faced and with a healthy respect for Magic to this day.]
- Talent (15:34:17/02-12-70)
>>> [Ah, the loyal opposition. Many a time have I lost a potential conquest to this guy. A true ladies man and one serious dude you don't want to cross.]
- Widowmaker (16:53:07/02-12-70)
>>> [I don't fall in for the mafia stuff, but his drones are impressive. Through a complicated series of events I got clipped by an victory autocannon round, fired from a kilometer away — knocked me half a block off a building and into the next one, and I was in the vat for two months getting repaired. It would turn somebody soft into a fine red mist. No hard feelings. He's a relatively good guy…]
- Tinman (18:35:03/02-14-70)
>>> [Don't ever forget that this man is a danger to himself and those around him. When pushed to anger, he makes dangerous, stupid choices that end up with people dodging missiles and the shadows erupting in to war. He's got no 'back down' switch, so if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to try and negotiate a peace or other settlement with him? Don't. Just end the situation in the most expeditious manner possible. Never threaten a mans family, Lucciano. It's a bad move for continued breathing. ]««<]
- GEIST (18:35:03/05-15-70)
>>> [I've worked closely with Joey. Familia is everything to him. And whats been going on with everything lately…lets just say it's surreal. Seems to be a twisted story that is used as an excuse to get at him. Makes no since, perhaps the "gods" are just vindictive, or maybe going crazy. As far as his work goes, he's one tough bastard and someone I don't mind getting my back]
- FireRoach (18:35:03/06-20-71)
>>> [Joey Lucciano my friends, just the name it's self can and will send chills down even the hardest of Denver. But no-matter how big his toys may be, his heart for his family will always be bigger, for his trust worthy companions, and even more for his brother. A great deal of business and respect illuminates from this man, and most should keep it this way. Pop your mouth of the wrong way towards him or his brother and yo jaw be broken. Work of advice for any who meet him, adress him as Mr. Lucciano or Mr. period, and show him some god damn respected please.]
- Effektive (12:22:33/07-20-71)
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