"What da fuck did ya do ter dat ride? Jus' be glad ya came ter Wrench's Werks. We'll git it runnin‘’gain."


She is undoubtedly a troll. About 2.8 meters high with the typical roundish face. She is nonetheless also quite obviously a female. Dermal deposits all over her skin making her look almost like made from rock. Her hair, obviously naturally blonde, as can be seen at the roots of those rasta locks who are dyed in all kinds of shrill colors. She features three irregularly shaped horns that almost look like snakes crawling through that colorfull mess. She even emphasized this by painting them in snake-like patterns in neon colors. The tips of those horns are carved into snake heads. Her nose is large and knubbly as many trolls noses. She put a large heavy silver ring through it. Her lips are covered in black lipstick and her eyes made up with khol to empasizing her blue eyes even more, making them look quite intense. She has the 'Radioactive' sign in red pierced into her left and the 'Biohazard' sign pierced into her right earlobe. Her ears, also typical for trolls are slightly pointed. The newest addition to her body is a datajack that can be seen poking out at her right temple now and then under that shrill mop of rasta locks on her head.

Her body is muscular, even for troll standards. She has barely any fat on her and her dresscode shows her body off quite a bit. Synthleather top and pants, as tight that each and every little ridge on her body shows through. The top short enough to even offer some sight to the lower parts of her massive breasts and a generous view of cleavage (if you can get high enough). She's no beauty unless you like sinew and muscle. But she definitely does not care. Her belly exposed down to where the pants start, riding low, with a steel chain as a belt, which clinks with each and every of her steps. There is some small bags fixed to it, most likely containing some small gadgets for casual use. There is no pockets in the pants. No hand would fit in anyway with that tight fit of them. Not even a humans, definitely not hers. All of her legs covered in them like a second skin until they disappear into black combat boots with neon pink laces. There is some patches in random neon colors fixed onto those pants. Mostly a fashion statement it seems. She wears a long flowing synthleather coat over all of this, leaving it open or closed as weather permits. A (for her) small backpack holds the things a woman needs. Oddly there is a quiver with arrows and a bow fixed to the side of that backpack.

Distinguishing Features

Extremely muscular Troll, Phoenix Tattoo on her back

Mannerisms and Habits

Jinx can be quite rough and tumble, but she is an oldster in the biz, so don't mistake her attitude with being foolish. Mostly retired these days her prime focus seems to be her Car and Bike garage in Sioux Sector "Wrench's Werks" that also contains the Rigger bar "Road Trip"


She has various loose association with many of the older runners in Denver. Most of them seem to be quite removed, but she has been known to receive help from unexpected angles.


A former ganger, she made a career as Samurai for a while before she switches professions and works to improve her skills as Rigger and Mechanic these days.

Name Jinx
AKA Curse
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Troll
Archetype Samurai/Rigger
Birthdate Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Dreadlocks,dyed in vivid neon colors
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 2.8m
Build Sturdy
Cybernetics Riggercontrols, Datajack, Smartlink
Fashion Street leathers
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