Janine Blair
Name Janine Blair
AKA Janie Guns
Known aliases Janet Bradders
Nationality Ex-Renraku citizen
Archetype Magician adept
Birthdate Sep 18th, 2048

"Dun, dun, dun, it's the sound of my guns."


Expert gunslinger, highly skilled shaman, good at intrusion ops and urban combat. Tends to favor non-lethal methods and limit violence to the last resort.


  • F-sharp, A-sharp, D.
  • When using the Matrix (either via keyboard or VR goggles) Janie uses the online alias of "Eastwood 3:16", representing as a grizzled wild west gunslinger. She takes reasonable precautions not to mention her real name or identity while online, but it would be far from impossible for a dedicated researcher to tie her name to her alias.
  • While she is very much opposed to the casual use of violence in general and unnecessary lethal force in particular, she is capable of acting with surprising ruthlessness on the occasions when she decides that using lethal force is in fact necessary.


A mildly attractive young human woman of average build with bright red hair and blue eyes. When she's on the job, she favors a faded brown duster and dark clothing, but will wear whatever helps her blend into the environment. When not on the job, favors all-white leather trenchcoat and clothing as part of her personal style.

Distinguishing mannerisms and habits

  • Pronounced Irish accent.
  • Prefers quality Bourbon when drinking alcohol.
  • Holds herself to fairly high standards of performance and ethical behavior; tendency towards impatience with and intolerance for others who fail to live up to those sometimes manifests as arrogance.


>>>>> [ Very professional in both demeanor and deed with a constant eye toward operational security. Highly recommended if your situation calls for accurate and timely application of some impressive gunplay. ] <<<<<
-EarthMage (12:11:44/02-03-70)

>>>>>[ One of the most accurate shots alive. That is no drek, omae. Give her one pistol and she thinks she is Supergirl; give her two and she thinks she is God. She is faster than any two samurai and can hit you at a full run while you are still trying to draw a bead. She is a gun, but isn't just limited to that. She has other secrets she can share that will keep you alive and kicking. ]<<<<<
- Silk

>>>>>[ Possibly the greatest shot alive today. All the recent sniper pretty boys think they have her beat, but she could outsnipe them with a pistol at three hundred meters. I've seen her hit things that just seem supernatural. Well, I guess it is supernatural… ]<<<<<
- Tinman

>>>>>[ I have worked with her and never regretted it. She is loyal, commited and damn professional. Just never get on her bad side. She can get nasty if she is crossed. Really nasty. And it's not fun if you are on the wrong side of her crosshairs. ]<<<<<
- Tusks
>>>>> [ Word on the street has it she's either retired or gone straight. She'll still take calls from old friends, though… ] <<<<<
-MamaBear (11:04:24/03-18-74)

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