Name Bronson 'Jag' McAllen
AKA Jag, YardDawg, OffGrid
Nationality UTE
Metatype ORK
Birthdate August 7, 2051
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"If you aren't _one_ of the People, then don't step _to_ the People, cause you wouldn't _understand_ the People. That's where I come in, Tanywaci."


With his thick brow, wisdom-infused eyes, and generally powerful facial features - this caramel skinned ork would be the natural posterboy for a gallery of 'Noble Savage' meets 'Effects of the Awakening' - if it weren't for his snarky tusked grin and that "I just slept with your sister" sparkle in his eyes. Broad shouldered and sturdy looking, he carries some of the strongest features of both his People, and his metatype. Though sturdy, he's average height for an ork, with a natural 'college football' build and age that wouldn't be surprising if he just stepped off the field at the University of Ute. His windswept hair is just long enough to be brushed back with a hand and a deep black that matches his eyes, with no evidence yet of any salt and peppering. Attractive for an ork, with a strong hint of rebel.

Distinguishing Features

Often dresses in a 'Common Man' Laborer style. Poor English - Speaks in a street lingo blend of Spanglish and Ute. Amerind/Ork Prettyboy.

Mannerisms and Habits

Street friendly, very direct. Often seen chewing on a toothpick. The ork nearly always has some smart-assed grin on his face and seems to have taken more than his fair share of licks because of it.


Known to associate with the GhostRiders(Ute Sector Gang) and has many contacts within the Zocolo(BoneYard street market). He's been seen in the Aurora Mall in Orktown as well as a few other similar areas in other sectors.


Up and coming Coyote / Small-time Smuggler / Cross-Sector Courier. Seems to know a bit regarding street-level Ute sector action.


Born and bred a Ute kid in an out of the way podunk town that's lucky to have a name, 'Jag' has only recently hit the streets of the Ute Sector. In addition to his Ute heritage, he has some sort of ties with Pueblo as well as the CAS.

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