Name Kylie Harper
AKA Jade, Red
Nationality CAS
Metatype Homo sapiens sapiens
Archetype Face
Birthdate Sept. 18, 2044
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"I think I can manage, darlin'."


A human woman of twenty-five or so, Jade stands no taller than 5'2". With a rioutous mane of curly auburn hair framing a heart-shaped face, she has an Irish sort of beauty to her, enhanced by creamy skin and deep blue eyes, though she lacks the requisite freckles for the complete picture. She has fine, high cheekbones, a slim, aquiline nose, and plump, cupid's bow lips much given to smiling, displaying straight white teeth when they do. A slender neck leads the way to a figure that could only be describes as hourglass, generously buxom with a slender, tapered waist, and flaring out again into curvy, well-turned hips, followed by legs one might consider long, especially for her dimunitive height.

Distinguishing Features

Noticeable red hair, a thick Southern drawl.

Mannerisms and Habits

She possesses a bubbly personality and a charming nature. She's a near-constant smoker, and is frequently seen boozing it up whenever possible.


None currently known.


She is best known as a Face, able to charm her way past obstacles others would prefer to shoot, though she also has some combat capability.


She is believed to be a former Lone Star patrol officer, though her career isn't thought to have been all that distinguished. How and why she entered the shadows remains unknown.

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