"Guess I couldn't live a normal life forever. Not that I'm complaining"

Name Isolde Amelia Richter
AKA Izzie, Alexis Grant
Nationality German-American
Metatype Human (Changeling)
Archetype Shamanic Magical Adept (Tigress)
Birthdate March 10th, 2045
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Blue
Blood Type B+
Zodiac Sign Pisces
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Izzie stands at 5'8", her body toned and thin. Her blue eyes reflect an inner calm, her auburn hair stylishly messy and shoulder length. However, her physique is abnormal thanks to a strain of SURGE she'd contracted. Her arms and legs, from shoulder and hip to digits, are covered in a fine coat of tawny fur, with black stripes akin to a tiger's markings. Her digits' nails had also mutated into razor-sharp cat claws, and her teeth are somewhat pointed, especially her canines. Finally, those blue eyes also have cat-like irises, and reflect light like a cat's eyes, too.

She's commonly dressed in a blue t-shirt, black denim shorts, and a pair of wire rimmed glasses. As far as accessories go, she wears a pair of silver-plated bangles on each wrist, and wraps her knuckles with white boxing tape. Her armor jacket's fabric resembles faded blue denim, with short sleeves and the armor plating on the interior.

Picture done by Izzie's player

Distinguishing Features

Tiger-like fur on arms and legs, fangs, claws and cat eyes

Mannerisms and Habits

Generally, an outgoing and fun-loving individual. She possesses a calm demeanor most of the time, and makes an effort to uphold ethical and moral standards even when shadowrunning. She tends to speak while motioning with her hands.

Likes and Interests

  • Roleplaying games, both over the Matrix or tabletop-based
  • Fruity alcoholic drinks, namely wines and cocktails
  • The martial arts, especially Wushu styles
  • Bar-hopping, and meeting new people
  • Spirituality and world religions; her own faith is something of a "Christopagan" belief
  • Magic, especially Manipulation spells
  • Drawing and sketching, preferring traditional media over digital art
  • Good food and drink
  • Lithe or chubby folk of either gender (though she prefers men slightly over women)

Dislikes and Biases

  • Has a fearful respect of people with obvious cyber-enhancements


Though talented in Hung Gar kung fu and skilled with pistols, she's best with edged weapons such as her Ares Monosword. Good at fitting in with different groups, she can even talk her way through some dilemmas. Of course, she truly shines at simply blasting people and critters with magic or slicing them up with her monofilament sword. She's even half-way decent at utilizing biotech to mend her own injuries. In terms of spells, she mostly relies on Health and Manipulation powers.

Outside of shadowrunning capabilities, she's a pretty athletic and acrobatic one. She can sing fairly well with a mezzo-soprano voice, though she mainly keeps her singing to the shower and kareoke mic. She's also a pretty good artist, namely with pencil and ink pens as opposed to tablets.

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