Iron Fist
Name Fang Zhao
AKA Iron Fist
Place of Origin Oakland, California
Metatype Human of Chinese descent
Archetype Physical Adept
Birthdate Septembre 29, 2050
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"They call me The Iron Fist."


If one crosses Fang Zhao they will see him in regular street clothes. He wears boots, a pair of simple black pants and a white baseball tee that has the collar and sleeves dark green. He typically wears an Oakland A's baseball jacket that is a dark green with yellow sleaves. On the right brest an A's is embroided in yellow and carries a halo around it. On it's back Athletics is written in bold across the shoulder blades in a slight upwards slant from left to right. The same goes for the cap atop of his head, repping the same baseball team with a dark green color and a yellow A's embroided in the middle carrying the same halo.

If one crosses the Iron Fist, they will find a man who keeps his figure shrouded in a Professional greatcoat with the upper half of his face covered in a bandana either yellow or black and tied behind his head with trailing bandages. Visibly he seems without weapons, but that coat is tricky for keeping things concealed. Beneath the coat he wears a green formfitting suit with a black dragon embroided on it's chest.

Distinguishing Features

Fang is of chinese descent, even though born in California. His english is flawless, as is his cantonese which was the language spoken at home. He carries no disctinc features physically and can easily blend into a crowd. If seen without some clothes on, he carries a baseball tattooed onto his shoulder in black outline only, with the word Oakland written into the embroidery of the ball.

Mannerisms and Habits

Fang is a fan of hip hop and loves freestyling rhymes, one can often catch The Iron Fist in the Angel's Delight rapping to a manmade beat or to an instrumental being played on a pocsec.
There also seems to be a distinc attraction towards money, sex and power to which he often feels weighing temptation towards. He despises truly evil men and would gladly stoop to their level in order to rid the Warrens of them.


Iron Fist is a freelance smuggler and scumcrusher. He appears very friendly with the Saints however and the streets often wonder if he's in the gang or not. He appears to have a connection working for the Sinners and smuggling legend in the Triads.


Iron Fist is a close quarters combat expert, especially with blades. Be it slashing or throwing. His time spent working for a contact of his has also thought him a thing or two about moving around unseen in Denver, having a knack for smuggling things in and out of areas.


Fang Zhao was to be the recruit that would bring the Oakland A's back on the map, that year they landed two promising rookies and a star veteran in their ranks. Zhao was rumored to be rookie pitcher with the most potential, assigned number 43 on his recruitment, he then dissapeared from Oakland all together right after. No word other than a simple resignation. He eventually wound in Denver sooner or later, and eventually The Iron Fist began appearing in the Warrens.

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