The Wandering Irishman
Name Simon Andrew McDadeTommy Titmickey
AKA The Wandering Irishman
Nationality Tír na nÓg Ireland
Metatype Homo Sapiens
Archetype DECKER Creative Computing Consultant
Birthdate March 17, 2042
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"Reality filter Engaged: "When you gentlemen are done trumpeting your own imagined importance, you may wish to gracefully logoff. You see, Gridsec is on it's way here right now because of your ineptitude. If you survive and have the money, give me a call and I'll show you how to do that intrusion correctly."1


Current matrix icon pictured above. In the meat he's tall and lanky, looks about seventeen with reddish blond hair, green eyes and lots of freckles.

Distinguishing Features

  • Curses enough to make pirates blush.
  • Has even invented a few new ones in cases where he couldn't find something appropriate to the situation.
  • Loves the lasses, especially naked ones.


Police Athletic league
People Eating Tasty Animals
Westminster Kennel Clubbers
Dublin Bar Association
Minesweepers Association Windgate Local 115th
The International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels, Cads and Deckers
Celtic Inferno Fanclub
The Windgate Crucible


Brewing and Distilling Alcoholic Beverages
Editing pictures of your mother in compromising positions
Rewriting corporate databases
Pwning lewsers in various Multiplayer Matrix Games
Deckin', Codin', Wenchin', Wankin' and Wobblin'


Grew up as a breeder in a land where Elves are the dominant species. This gave him a bit of a chip on his shoulder, not necessarily towards the Windy Weedeaters but against everyone in general. Got his first tortoise at age 8 and was hacking trusted networks by age 12 with a cobbled together deck and a set of trodes. Unfortunately for him he chose a system to arse with one day that had a real live decker on it and ended up getting traced, dumped and pinched in that order. Happy 17th birthday! The Judge told him either he serve a tour in the military and serve his country, or he serve the term in a Tir jail. He chose the latter and ended up running with the 10th Cybercommand with the Xe/Blackwater out of Wattlebridge, County Fermanagh. That is where he got his first real Deck and cut his teeth with the Wattlebridge Wall.

He's been haunting Denver's RTGs for a little half a year but has been developing quite a reputation as a go-to man on the data line.

>>>>> [ No Better programmer out there. If you need someone to run the Trix, The Irishman is your guy ] <<<<<
-FireRoach (Thu Feb 18 20:41:16 2070)

>>>>> [ This fragger is straight up devious as a BitWrangler. There is this ASIST based zombie apocalypse matrix mmo game that was celebrating it's fifth year in operation with a special event. Two hundred thousand people were logged in to the one of their hosts, all participating in this anniversary 'Battle of Yonkers' event. Though there's no proof at all to tie him to it, word on the Trix is he got bored and hacked the game server and summoned himself up a flight of old school stealth bombers to nuke the DMZ over Yonkers and crashed the server. About twenty percent of the people logged in had disabled the safeguards (which was against game policy) and suffered from dumpshock as the server overloaded. Nobody died since the ASIST levels weren't that high, but you gotta figure with a few little creative edits here and there he dropped the whamhammer on 40,000 people. I'm was on the Juniper host that night so i didn't get to see it. But I hear it was pretty spectacular. I also hear Brooks Inc, the game's developer invested a hell of a lot in IC and patrolling deckers after that fiasco. It'd be interesting to see if he tries again. ] <<<<<
-XombiHuntress (Thu Feb 19 12:01:11 2070)

>>>>> [ I got dumped that night. It wasn't spectacular, it fracking hurt! Stupid mics! ] <<<<<
-Merican314159 (Thu Feb 19 12:31:11 2070)

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