Name Indrakashi
AKA Manitou
Nationality Cherokee
Metatype Elf
Archetype She isn't even sure any more
Birthdate Will Smack if asked!
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“The Edge…There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. The others-the living-are those who pushed their control as far as they felt they could handle it, and then pulled back, or slowed down, or did whatever they had to when it came time to choose between Now and Later. But the edge is still Out there.”

Hunter S Thompson


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Distinguishing Features

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Mannerisms and Habits

Indra tends to prefer high end bars and clubs. Specially places that play Jazz or lean heavily on the noir culture. She tends to come off as giddy, a bit of an airhead, and an emotional pendulum. One day she might be a pyscho who wants a body count, the next she might decide a gang banger with a switch blade is to much. At least, on the surface.


Omen- ExEx! Totally good company, I might even kiss him some day. He could -almost- be worth dating.
Alyse- Doc! She keeps us alive and upgraded!
Kalli-Oh my sweetest little girl, the perfect girlfriend, even if I don't understand -any- of that fancy techno doodad talk.
Caine- He's weird, and old, and rickety. Which makes it all the more impressive when he pulls out a miracle right?
Hollywood- Such a -FLIRT-!
Panzer- The name alone says it. I coined it, and it fits.
Victoria- I don't think she fully trusts me, nor I her. We both want the world as our oyster. But will we share the pearls?
Eshe- Odd thing. Very odd. She belongs in a doll house, not running in the gutters.
Shoeshine- Oh my god, he's a seeing eye dwarf ! Sort of. He did tell me some thing about fighting evil with my soul. Except I think my soul is darkened by the blood of many Mister Shoeshine.
Hunni- Cute girl. Bit scary. But still, at least I know she's a real person and not a robot!
Lost- House Mate..or Pet. Also Mage. So I have an in house ward detector!
Vera- Some one I like, but she's so whiney and demanding at times. Still. Cute as a button, and the accent is just -so- fun to hear.
Slinger- Tattoo Boy. Some sort of wiz Mage. I just know him because he does alot of my Ink. Still, pretty wiz guy. Though, I'm afraid he'll some day get distracted by a pretty boy and forget to add the finger wiggling goodness! Just Kidding Mister Slinger!
Aruka- Silly girl. So silly! Still, she comes around and steals my Soda…I need to put -locks- on the Soda!


Guns, fast talk, and disappearing.
Also known to enjoy excessive power. She isn't the Ace of Spades yet, but she's working on it. Rumored to have some unusual items available for high damage, collateral fucks given zero scenarios.


Ain't no one that trustable in this world I know of yet.


*Indra, outside of the Shadows, is a singer, Noir themed. She's been in Denver for a long while, singing E-swing, Swing, and Jazz. Maybe you've seen her performing down town? She sings a few times a week at The Fallen Angel and frequents high end clubs and Joe's Dropoff infrequently.
*She's also heavily into the whole magic ink thing. You think she can help you out, and want to do some ink on her? She might be willing to help. She's got a fairly diverse skill set. Always willing to talk trade.
*Indra prefers military esque ops. She prefers not to work in Denver. She supposedly has the type of fire power more associated with storming an emplaced defensive position. Rockets, Mortars. If you need serious fire support, she might be willing to help you on a job, for a fee.
*Indra stopped being in the Shadows for the most part. She works as a Soldier for Hire. Most of the times she shows up in the's merely to entertain her self by geeking the SINless gangers in the Warrens.. or a friend needs her help. Her code of conduct is vastly different, and she rarely has the drive to step on corporate toes. After all, Corporations pay soldiers to fight for them.

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