Hunori "Hunni" Izumiya
Name Hunori "Hunni" Izumiya
AKA Whatever her chosen callsign for the mission may be. Formerly "Archangel"
Nationality Half-Japanese, Half English
Metatype Human
Archetype Sniper
Birthdate Unknown
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"Trust me, you hear my rifle go off? It wasn't pointed at you."


Standing at a scant 5 foot 4 in a slim, athletic build this human's long hair is a deep black color, which glints a midnight blue in certain light and hangs down to her shoulders. Her skin is smooth and a beautiful light olive tone, which might be one's first clue as to her ethnicity. Wide and round eyes, which slant just a bit up like a cat towards the sides of her face add an exotic edge to her features. Her eyelashes are full and long, which add to the innocence of her appearance, even in spite of her deep, almost cobolt blue eyes. Her nose is straight and feminine with a slightly impish upturn at it's tip resting about her soft and full feminine lips.

Her shoulders are proportionate to her shape and size. Her arms are lithe and toned with the soft muscle of practice, but still remain smooth and not overly muscular to the eye. The overall shape of her body is one of a dancer or perhaps a gymnast. Smooth and lithe but not unhealthly so.

Distinguishing Features

Her job requires one to be as indistinguishable as possible, particularly when in camo. If one had met her though they might notice her blue eyes that show her mixed blood.

One might notice her confident stance of a practiced and calm person…unless she puts a concious effort into hiding it.

Mannerisms and Habits

Hunni shows a split of personalities half the time, the person and the proffessional.
Casually she's friendly enough, a lover of dancing and a dedicated practicer of her martial art. Although she's got a distaste for smoking she's known to be found in clubs and cheap bars drinking, usually to the urging of her clearly alcoholic spotter.

While working however her personality shifts to one of a practiced proffessional. Calm, cool and efficient she makes it her meaning to do her job to completion. Nothing but perfection is good enough.


Unknown, although some have speculated.


An Expert Sniper skilled with all rifles
Talented in stealth and Tracking of targets
Trained in Sniper Team tactics for working with a spotter or other shooters.
Skilled with edged weapons (Swords in particular)
Practiced in hand to hand combat.


Daughter of a KE elite sniper she followed the corperate route to become a member of an elite security unit. Her team working for both corperate contracts and 'private investors'. She does not speak often of why she left them or how she and her partner ended up running, but the skills of her past remain sharp.

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