Name Rikard Torsvald
AKA Huginn
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Adept
Birthdate July 12, 2045
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"If you look back or down, there's a courtesy bag under your seat."


This human is tall and lean, built broad in the shoulders and narrow at the waist like an athlete who works considerably every day. He's caucasian and tanned, blond hair buzz-cut and bleached to platinum by the same sun that darkened his skin, and his eyes are a cold blue that seem to penetrate and stare through and a thousand yards past whatever he's looking at.

Distinguishing Features

He's got the thousand yard stare - a trademark of the career combat veteran.

Mannerisms and Habits

Non-smoker, extremely light drinker.
Well spoken and very polite.

Spends a lot of time around the Bare Knuckle Gym, working the speed and heavy bags.
Tends to stare really hard and straight at people, or through them if the distant look in his eye says anything.


He's fast, that's for sure. Fast as any super-hardwire job, without the shakes and the twitch that usually goes with it.
You ever see him go full-covert on the job? Throw environmental camo on him and watch him just disappear.
His resume says he's as good hand-to-hand as he is with an assault rifle.
He claims he can run any aerial transport that has rotors, and anything with wheels.


Dossier reads like your everyday gov-loving sheepdrone. Military brat goes to military academy, joins up with UCAS, retires Captain. He denies it though - has some story about going into private enterprise fresh out of the academy.

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