Vital Statistics

Full Name: Nobumura Hitomi (AKA: Jailbait, LapsedPacifist, Kabuki)
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Japanese)
Vitals: 5'2", 117 lbs, Variable Hair, Variable Eyes
DOB: 19 May, 2052 (MCT Colorado Arcology, CAS)
Nationality: MCT Corporate


Distinguishing Features: Japanese features, Mild Accent. Fiberoptic Hair and Polychromatic Irises.
Mannerisms and Habits: Happy-go-lucky, prefers not to dwell ont he past, often hides or bottles up her problems.
Associations: Moves in and out of Decker circles. Known on Shadowland and in the Nexus by one 'trix alias or another. Fingers in many pies in the SIN Creation business.
Capabilities: Otaku proficient at matrix operations. Exploring advancement in direct combat and Operational support. Extremely perceptive. Excelent research skills.


Hitomi was born in a MCT enclave, her father was regional director of finances and so, from an early age, she was both readily exposed to computers and technology… and highly sheltered from the rest of the world. As a result, she resorted tod ecking the local system on a home-made cyberdeck for entertainment from ane arly age. It was while she was decking the system that she encountered someone who would change her life forever. Shadowscythe, and Otaku, and Hitomi's first crush recognized the spark of an otaku in how she so easily molded MCT's hsots to her will, and encouraged her to flee her overly sheltered home life, and find the Denver branch of his tribe.

Upon joining the Otaku Tribe, Hitomi was submerged, encountering the Deep Resonance for the first time at age 13. She soon awakened to the world of the Otaku, and since then her skill has only been growing. She has since left the Tribe, prefering to work in solitude, but she maintains contact with Shadowscythe.


Hitomi? Oh, yeah. I ain't heard nuthin' bad about her. What I've heard is that she's reasonably hard-working, somewhat tough, moderately brave and pretty dependable. I mean, she's seen a decent amount of trouble. But overall, she's got principles, I'll say that. That's all I know.
Dependable 16 Polite 3 Brave 6 Knowledgeable 4
Careful 1 Hard-Working 5 Discreet 1 Friendly 1
Merciful 1 Tough 5 Friendly 1
Total Rep: 45 points (+45 net positive)

>>>>> [ Shadow queen of the datalines. Definitely among the best in the biz. ] <<<<<
- Eastwood 3:16 (14:18:21/02-03-70)

>>>>> [ Don't tell me you fall for that jailbait image bulldrek. This is the 'trix. “She” likely is a forty year old fat guy with hygiene trouble. ] <<<<<<
- McTruck (12:42:13/02-04-70)

>>>>> [ Well, jailbait teenage computer prodigy or pizza and beer chugging part-time kiddie porn afficiando. Either way, she is a good person to have on matrix overwatch when your butt is on the line. ] <<<<<
- EarthMage (12:44:48/02-04-70)

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