Name Nora Parker
Street Name Orange
Metatype Human
Archetype Rigger
Birthdate around 2040


On first glimpse, Orange is a typical white North American woman around her fourties. She stands roughly 5.5 (167cm) foot tall and weights around 125 lb (57kg). Her short cut hair is of bright orange color, contrasting with her slightly tanned face. Two Datajacks are visible behind her right ear. Orange's voice is clear and charismatic, it sounds in a comfortable alto. It has a sense of practiced leadership, as if the woman is used to issue orders.

Mannerisms and Habits

Orange is almost always seen with sunglasses of some sort. Old fashioned ones, flashy black, red circular. Seems to be some kind of hobby, instead of just habit. Her prefered hangout is Falstaff's in Heather Ridge, CAS.


Orange is a typical old-school army aviation pilot. She hates drones (though she can use them if absolutely necessary and noone else takes a pity on her) and she never gets tired of stressing the positive effect an actual meat-bag pilot in your airplane or rotocraft has on your fireteam! It's about trust and reliability.

Orange operates rotocraft, fixed-wing airplanes, vectorcraft, and any mix in between. While bombing raids are not so common in Denver, she especially focus on airborne smuggling operations, knowing the ins and outs of local Air Traffic Control, getting goods or personnel across Denver borders when it comes to high-stake deliveries. Insertion and extraction are other typical scenarios.

As an expert aircraft technician with military background, she's the one for any field mission were uncertainty and improvisation are key elements and you want your pilot operating closely with the other team members. Oh, and Orange knows how to drive a car, even though she probably has more flight hours with tilt-rotors.


First, Orange stayed very low in Denver. One foot in legal businesses and one foot in the shadows of the Warrens. After a few months she had a small reputation as a disciplined and seasoned pilot, most likely military background. Some say, she worked as a recruitor for the UCAS Army as well, in her early days in Denver. But that's the past now. Then she disappeared for about a decade, working for a Private Military Contractor in Europe, or so the story goes. Whatever she does now, she cares about discretion.

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