Name Hiller, Collette
Street Name Orange
Metatype Human
Archetype Rigger
Birthdate around 2040

"Smooth and by the numbers."


On first glimpse, Hiller is a typical white North American woman. She stands roughly 5.5 foot tall and weights around 120 lb. Her short cut hair is colored in a darker red, obviously dyed. It tends to have a chaotic life of its own - sometimes sticky, sometimes prickly - and barely frames the upper part of her even shaped, slightly tanned face. Some would call her 'interesting' others 'not exceptional'. She's somewhere in between.

Mannerisms and Habits

Hiller is almost always seen with sunglasses of some sort. Old fashioned ones, flashy black, red circular. Seems to be some kind of hobby, instead of just habit.


"Welcome to Denver", the sign at the International Airport read. "Whatever happened elsewhere, stays elsewhere," Hiller added in silent contemplation as she passed beneath. Until now, no one in Denver cared for what happened 'elsewhere', though maybe some day, the 'elsewhere' will care for what is happening in Denver.


First, Hiller was careful and stayed very low in Denver. One foot in legal business and one foot in the shadows of the Warrens. After a few month she had a small reputation as a disciplined and seasoned pilot, most likely military background. Some say, she worked as a recruitor for UCAS Army as well, in her early days in Denver. But that's past. Until now, it is still not so clear what her profile actually is. Whatever she does, she's very anxious about discretion.

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