Name Hardy
AKA No known Aliases
Nationality UCAS
Metatype TROLL
Birthdate Unknown
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"Roulette wheel, corner pocket!"


Troll. Standing well over three meters tall and weighing in just under a Buick there can be no doubt. Ram style curved horns erupt from the front of its skull, parting and curling on each side of its large head. From between the horns a waterfall of black corn rows appear and cascade down its broad shoulders to land around mid back. Its eyes and black and bug slightly above a nose that appears more bell pepper than nasal. Finishing the face is a maw that contains two prominant tusks protruding from just above its bottom lip. The chin of this creature is best described as more lighthouse than lantern but the shape is basicly the same.

The skin on this troll is olive drab in color but covered in tribal, gang and jail house tattoos. Every visible inch of skin to include its prodigious face are covered in the tattoos.The body type of this creature would best be described as athleticly massive. Extremely broad shoulders translate downward into a barrel shaped chest which falls into a surprisingly trim waist. Legs that are no stranger to the weight room fall down to feet that seem even a bit large for this frame.

Clothing this creature was something more suited to a tent and awning company than a clothier. However, it is wearing clothing that fits the large frame of the creature. A synthleather jacket hangs open from its shoulders in basic black. Over the jacket is a denim "cut" with a stylized spiked ball and chain on the back of it. Above the symbol on a rocker is DEMOLITION BOYZ and under the symbol on another rocker is written DENVER. Under the jacket is a functional grey noncollared shirt which seems almost pushed to normal tensile strenghts for clothing even in an age of metas. Dark blue cargo pants are belted with a simple leather belt at the waist and disappear into servicable heavy soled boots which lace up the sides.

Distinguishing Features

Troll, DUH!

Mannerisms and Habits

Hardy likes his cigars, its very rare for you not to see the big trog smoking or at least chewing on a cigar.


Owner of the Big House Troll Rocker bar in the Warrens.


Hardy is a bar room brawler. He is a close quarters specialist and can take as well as he can dish out.


Send me an @mail and Ill be happy to send you a copy.

>>>>> [ I met Mr. Hardy on a run, he was a really tough troll! Somebody shot me with an arrow and he snapped. Went over and beat the stuffing out of the guy. He's a good guy to have when you need backup or protection ] <<<<<
-Little Raccoon (10:45:43/05-7-70)

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