Name Hayley Fitzpatrick
AKA DeeDee, Haley, Cookie
Nationality UCAS//
Metatype ELF
Archetype Face
Birthdate //Feb 1, 2008
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"Oh this looks like its going to be funny."


Standing at five foot seven, the young woman you are looking at is fair skinned. Her angelic features are often highlighted with a radiant smile and her blue eyes are bright with an almost crackling intensity as she takes in the world around her. Her hair is a dirty blonde that flows down over her shoulders like silken waves. If one were to look closely they would spot the graceful sweep of her pointed ears, the unmistakable mark of her elven metatype. Her makeup is artfully applied, hints of powder smooths out her complexion to resemble an almost porcelain cast. Her lips are touched by a splash of red, lined in black that give them a rich fullness.

Distinguishing Features

With the exception of her hands, face and feet, Haley is covered in intricate tattoo work that shift and move along her flesh. Brooklyn accent. Her laughter is quite unique, often described like a machinegun. When something makes her laugh the whole world knows it.

Mannerisms and Habits

Painfully cheerful, always quick to laugh. She's often the life of a party. Social to the extreme she's willing to, and often does, talk to anyone who will sit still long enough to listen to her. All in all she comes across as a friendly, though a bit ditzy girl.


Haley is known to have contacts amongst distributors of cyberware and bioware. She's worked in the medical field professionally and still has a few contacts amongst those that she has worked with in the past. While she is believed to be new to the shadows, she has managed to make a close bond with a Fixer named Teeg, the two of them are known to often spend time talking about old times over dinner. Anything more than casual chit-chat is drown by Teeg's white noise generator. She is a member of the runner team The Troublemakers.



Medtech, smooth talker, charismatic. It has recently been discovered that Haley is a pretty good hand to hand fighter, and she's been seen using a machine pistol when the time calls for it. Her focus so far in the shadows seems to be talking her way past guards to get into places she might not belong.


>>>>> [ They don't get much sicker than her. A real piece of work. There's two categories of killers in my humble opinion. I mean, there's your standard, run of the mill 'killers', sure. Dime a dozen. Everybody does a little dirty work now and then, whether it's for pay or for pleasure. Comes with the territory. But then there's... whatever the fuck SHE is... ] <<<<<
-BrooklynRoger (6:45:45/02-26-70)

>>>>> [ She's probably not all there between the ears. But she doesn't balk at the hard work. Think of her like a mad dog. Slap a scent in front of her nose, and whatever made it, will wind up smeared over a suitably large area in a short space of time.] <<<<<
-WorkersLink (12:32:15/03-01-70)

>>>>> [ I don't know what you people are talking about. I met the girl, she's not at all like that. We had a great conversation over drinks just the other night. She was really friendly and had a good sense of humor. ] <<<<<
-Zack (13:45:18/03-01-70)

>>>>> [ Yah same here. She seemed like a sweet girl, very friendly. But who knows maybe she has two sides chumer. After a few drinks she had even me talking. ] <<<<<
-Ragetrog101 (9:41:45/03-16-70)

>>>>> [ I have dealt with this woman on numerous occasions, and I can vouch that she is a capable fixer and face and able to defend herself in a pinch. I have seen no evidence of this apparent instability. ] <<<<<
-MisterGrey (10:08:27/05-24-70)

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