Name Charles Osland
AKA Gubbins AKA Chuck
Nationality UCAS
Metatype TROLL
Archetype SAMURAI-Doc (in training)
Birthdate April 1, 2046
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"Time ta fix ya gubbinses"


Gubbins is tall, towering over humans at nearly 3 meters(8 feet tall), with a thick, strong body. A pair of rams horns start at his forhead and curl back around his pointed ears. Between them, he has a mane of greasy black hair with a little pompadour curl hanging over his forehead. His large, orange coloured eyes bear a hint of innocence to them. His greenish face is framed by a pair of thick sideburns that trace over his jaw to mid chin with his tusks sticking out over his upper lip.
Wearing a gold and maroon shouldered bowling shirt(Warrens League) , Gubbins looks like he’s on a day off. It’s a short sleeved affair, hugging his shoulders and showing off his hairy forearms, along with the bone deposits jutting out from the backs of his elbows. His fists are the size of canned hams, with hair on his knuckles to match his arms. Wearing a pair of tight black pants, his legs are the size of most people’s torsos, and his size 35 loafers look like they could house children in some fairy tale.

Distinguishing Features

Greasy pompadour.

Mannerisms and Habits

Plays a little bit slower than he is. Likes to quote new age mystics.


None of note.


Decent paramedic. Awesome bowler.


Grew up as a big fan of Docwagon Express! and dreamed of becoming a member of the crew of the Phoenix. Now, he lives in the Warrens, trying to make it a little bit better for the people living there. Once ran a little Aikido school, but it was failing and got firebombed by gangers who thought he was being too nice to elves.

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