Name Ryan Parker
AKA Grim
Nationality UCAS (Seattle)
Metatype Human
Archetype Detective
Birthdate 2046
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"We are the all seeing, all knowing god. Our fathers have put us here to test our willpower of the challenges we wish to not oppose. Love, hate, greed, power, tyranny, and lust are all apoosing challeges. without these challenges we would be nothing. Oh sweet irony of love or god, make me content, better yet deliver me. Deliver me from cable with 556 consectutive channles ill never need purpose or the need to watch them, deliver me from leather sofas, from luxuray cars, from the bullshit rediculously high in price cellphone with the neat little buttons that click and that gives me the power to look up a strange word like "heripilation" on wikipidea. Deliver me from the little boy picking on the girl with lukemea in that you tube video. Im am trying to appose the challenge of lust, I do not lust, flat screen TV, fancey cellphones, or fast cars with its sweedish leather interior."


A 5'10 muscular human. Bald his eyes are green from what you can see under his rather thick iron Mask that is painted midnight blue with what looks to be white painted hands all over it.

(Under the mask a middle aged Human, green eyes, constant 5-o' clock after shadow and four scars that twist and rivet from his left cheek bone to his left side of his lips.)

Wearing a heavy armored vest with Plates under a rather professional look, a white dress shirt, black tie, black overalls, but large black steel toe combat boots.

Distinguishing Features

A thick iron Mask that is painted midnight blue with what looks to be white painted hands all over it.

Mannerisms and Habits

Has a strange addiction to Pain releivers.


Currently looking for new friends and associates.


Demolition, Assassinations, Theft, Body Guard, Negotiator, Intimidation, Security, Assault.


Interrogation, negotiation, Intimidation, extremely deadly with a katana and proficient with the shotgun.


Coming Soon!

>>>>> [ANybody ever worked with this chummer. I have several times, the fragger is a bit unbalanced. I mean execution style insane, but he will still get the job done that is for sure. Just discreet is not his specialty!] <<<<<
-RageTrog101 [15:18:07/02-13-70]

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