Name Brennart Callaghan
AKA Grayshade, Rhett Butler, Sam Adams, Buck Rodgers, Jason Starke
Nationality CAS
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype Shadow-Ops
Birthdate July 18, 2046
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Grayshade stands tall around 6'2" and weighs in about 200 pounds of muscle. He moves with an easy grace and has his brown hair cut very short. His eyes are an insanely piercing blue.

He wears black jeans that sit over black cowboy boots with a white button up shirt. He wears a black lined coat over that with a black stetson cowboy hat on his head. At his waist is a gunslinger belt with a deputy revolver holstered at his right hip..

Distinguishing Features

His eyes… And maybe that southern drawl every once in a while.

Mannerisms and Habits

He's quiet and polite most of the time.


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Capable Archer and basic infiltration.


Born Brennart Callaghan on July 18th, 2046 to John Callaghan and Vanessa Callaghan in Atlanta. Five years later his sister Lucy was born. He was fortunate enough to be able to go through a good private school. It was a private school so he got taught all those manners and history and worthless things like that… But he also got onto the archery team wasn't many schools they competed against but he was pretty darn good at it.

Life stayed fairly standard for him he was learning to jump into the corporate world like his parents when at 17 he had a knock at the door of their modest apartment. It was a pair of Lone Star (or whomever it is that does the law enforcement for Atlanta) officers to notify the next of kin that his parents had died in a car crash. He was in shock, his whole world came crashing down. Luckily there was the savings account although that wasn't going to last long. His friends at school had a buddy who was able to make some fake SINs for a price and Brennart got his first fake SIN to get into the work force at 17 to provide for his sister. He was working for a sub corporation of Ares as a repair tech in the basement nothing glamorous but it at least paid most of the bills. He managed to scrape out a life for him and his sister until his 21st birthday.

Still working out of that basement he's done some side jobs in the shadows to help get the bills paid nothing like a true run just some petty breaking and entering jobs and after a while a bit of corporate espionage… But on his way home he must have pissed off the wrong corporation because they'd sent somebody to take care of him. But Lucy had gotten home first to set up surprise for Brenn's birthday. She put up a fight but the professional took care of the witness before he left his stealthy assault destroyed by a surprise cake… He didn't notice the hidden recording devices that Brenn had set up for practice which recorded the entire fight and the death of his sister.

Brenn's life was once again destroyed by a death in the family. He swore revenge on the killer though he used some of the contacts he had from the odd jobs he'd done to get a private eye who knew his way around the shadows hired. They weren't able to identify the killer but they stayed on the job for a small fee having queries set up to pop up if any other deaths using the same weapon and style popped up. And thats when the life insurance from his parents showed up. Why it took almost five years nobody really knows some paperwork issues and Brenn had no clue it was there so he wasn't pushing it. But he took the money and got in touch with his buddy for a new SIN and started to work in the shadows full time. He had to become better to be able to become a Ghost to hunt a Ghost. Slowly he garnered skills and a reputation in Atlanta along with the tag Grayshade and some bio and cyberware. The first time he had a run where he had to take another's life he hesitated and it almost cost him his own. That was the last time he had second thoughts about taking the life of an enemy but he still won't harm an innocent even if they're a witness. And from what he'd seen of other runners he learned that his word had to be his bond reputation was everything.

The break they'd been waiting for finally hit almost five years running the shadows of Atlanta he gets a call from the detective they'd gotten a match with the way his sister had been killed. It's in Denver no leads on who did it there but at least it's someplace. Brenn packs up and starts his trip to Denver, starting all over again in a new set of shadows but he had a job to do.

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