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Gnosis tosses his hair back, watching the Dweller. "And, Atlas never drops the world," he replies. "Magic was put in the world to serve man, and defend against the dark without: the light within will sustain me, friend dweller, and I will not shirk from my task. I pray you, let me pass so I may find the keys I seek. I want no quarrel with you tonight."

Name Doctor James Josiah Silverleaf
Aliases Gnosis, Boston, G or G-Money (by Nine)
ArcheType Mage
BirthDate ???
MetaType Elven
Nationality Tir Tairngire

Looking barely out of his teens, the young man here is fresh-faced, tall (standing at nearly 2.15 meters) and lanky. His blonde hair, generally down to his shoulders, is typically unkempt and scruffy, matching the perpetual scruff on his face. His long, pointed ears give away his elven heritage- though the elegant high-cheeked bone structure of his features do nothing to hide it, either. His eyes are large and bright, a brilliant turquoise that's reminiscent of the carribean sea.

The elf's clothing is definitely stylish. His pants are real brown leather, just a little faded, and the leather aviator jacket he wears has the MiT&T Logo on its back. The shirt underneath is a simple darkbrown shirt (also apparently made of some really thin leather) with a high collar that seems strangely tight across the lanky elf's body. His hands are wrapped in heavy brown work gloves, and his feet are in stylish (and well-maintained!) hiking boots. Everything is real leather, everything is (mostly) clean, if a little well-worn: and even if its not quite tres chic it's still pretty stylish.

>>>>>>>>>[ Gnosis is a good man, a brilliant man. Although having had little experience with this shadow world of ours (much like me in the beginning) he is extremely perceptive and quick witted. Hopefully, the recent changes of pace will not destroy who he is. Because of him, I have had moments where I saw things in a less jaded light than my usual doom-complex normally allows, and I cherish those times. It is sad to contemplate the chance that traumas and trials and tribulations (like those through which I suffered) may come his way. If they do, I will be there beside him, ready to wield the wrath of Cat upon his foes. ]<<<<<<<<<
—Misses Silver Mittens (01-09-2071 @ 11:11:11 MST)

>>>>[ Ooh, the Wrath of Cat!!! Go get em, girlfriend! He sure is handsome! (*profusely insert all manner of Cat-based emoticons here*) ]<<<<
—The Illustrious Cat Shaman (01-09-2071 @ 12:41:53 MST)

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