Name Unknown
AKA Geist, countless aliases
Nationality American (old USA)
Metatype Human or Elf
Archetype Varies
Birthdate Pre-Awakening
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"Back in my day, we had guns, balls and bayonets, and we liked it that way. You kids and your magic."


Geist appears to be an older human male, based on multiple reports, though there are rumors of plastic surgery and genetic tampering, making his true appearance and metatype unknown.

Distinguishing Features

None that can be confirmed.


Geist is quite capable of any task he puts his mind to. He is known to have a near-photographic memory of a wide variety of disciplines. He is a master of every known conventional weapon in modern arsenals. He is reported to have received prototypical Mnemonic modifications that have boosted his capacity to absorb information to extraordinary levels.

>>>>> [ Dear Old Dad. ] <<<<<
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