Name Erwin Gaul
AKA (The) Gaul
Birthdate April, 04, 2033
Eye Color Blue
Hair Blond
Height 1.622m
Weight 70kg
Distinguishing Features Facial scars
Obvious Cyber Datajack, Chipjack, Cyberhand(L)
Race Homo sapiens pumilionis (Dwarf)
Nationality CAS
Archetype Decker / Mercenary
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  • A Caucasian, male dwarf around a meter and half in height and probably tips the scales at around 70 kilos. Solid and well muscled he's typical for his meta-type and built like a spark-plug, unlike dwarves portrayed on the trideo he has no paunch and obviously works to keep himself fit. Natural blue eyes complement sandy blond hair which is cut close on the sides and back, with a slightly longer block cut on top.

Distinguishing Features

  • Data Jack (Right Temple), Chip Jack (Behind Right Ear)
  • Obvious Cyber Hand (Right).
  • Visible scaring ( Left side of head )

Mannerisms and Habits

  • Dresses neatly and seems to prefer muted colors like black, grey or navy and boots (dress or street) as opposed to loafers or shoes.
  • Alert. His body language is that of someone who tries to pay close attention to his surroundings, head turning slightly and eyes accessing new activity. While not jittery his body shifts frequently, as if trying to get comfortable in whatever his current position happens to be.
  • Rigid. He doesn't waste words or litter conversations with excessive frowns and smiles, his reactions are precise and efficient expending only the required effort to get his social point across.
  • Weary. Though intelligent and sharp his eyes have a sadness to them that can only come with having seen too much and survived. His face, likely once considered handsome is now scarred and hard-used, weathered by too much sun and hard living.




  • Small unit operations and over-watch
  • Matrix Specialties (Search, Programming, Decking)
  • Military/Merc Experience


Simple Search

  • Nothing interesting can be discerned from SIN, standard purchases around CAS until arriving in Denver FTZ spring of 2077. Several border crossings, a few electronics component purchases and standard cost of living drek.
  • Tends to stick to the CAS side, but some travel flags into the other sectors on his SIN.

Standard Search


  • Personal data (Description, Birthday, Comm-code, most personnel details on Wiki.


  • Skilled at electronics, computers; has offered legit (legal) services for both - financial forensics would point to that as primary income source.
  • German accent, no hint of any sort of CAS drawl. Family of immigrants from Germany according to SIN research.
  • Uses standard UMS icon for matrix interactions - "Erwin" as handle.

Detailed Search


  • Private guy but some rumors / details could likely be found about shadow work he's been part of in Denver. Primarily seems to be a matrix asset.


  • Definitely not a mover and shaker, but has done some shadow work. Some outrageous rumors about nuke disarming and other silliness but doesn't pass the bullshit filter. Skilled Decker & Programmer.
  • Military background, mannerism would indicate to any that would recognize it as spec-op / small unit work. No details on who / where he served.


  • Very skilled programmer and decker, no definitive details on handle or icon.
  • Likely a zeroed individual, while not specifically criminal his SIN would tweak the instincts of a skilled SIN hacker.

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