Frank Peretti

"Nothing is more important than family, and the club."


The man your gaze has fallen upon is clearly a human. His hair is dirty blonde and long enough to fall down upon the top of his shoulders. A goatee covers the area directly around his mouth but the sides of his face and neck are kept neatly shaven. This man's blue eyes are pale and stand out as azul sparkles against the color of his lightly tanned Caucasian skin. The lines of his face show some age and some wear, squinting creases around his eyes betray a difficult life by adding more years than the rest of his body portrays.

This man is just slightly taller than two meters in height with broad shoulders and an athletic cut to his form. From his looks he doesn't appear to ever be suited for office or desk work and seems to be a man of action. His hands are rough and smudged with grease if they are able to be seen when he has his gloves off.

He is currently wearing a black t-shirt under a heavy looking black leather motorcycle jacket. The jacket is plainly armored. There are several places over the breast pockets and on the back of the jacket that have stitching holes as if patches have been recently removed.

If outside riding or walking about he normally wears a pair of black leather riding gloves.

Jeans cover his legs and black combat boots protect his feet.

If he's not wearing a simple black dome helmet while riding, he's got a plain black baseball cap over his head when outside and taken off while indoors.


Ex-Member of the Warrens motorcycle club "The Huns"


Motorcycle mechanic, Smuggling, General biker skills

Name Frank Peretti
AKA Frank
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Motorcycle Biker
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