Flying Stone

Vital Statistics

Full Name: Daniel Stark
(AKA: Danthrall, Flying Stone)
Metatype: Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Caucasian/Amerind)
Vitals: 2.17 m, 88 kgs, Dark Brown Hair, Hazil Eyes (Brown/Green Mix)
DOB: August 11, 2042 (Indianapolis Sprawl, Indiana, UCAS)
Nationality: United Canadian and American States

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Distinguishing Features: Part Amerind and broad shouldered. He's large in general, actually, but only in frame, not in bulk. He has a habit of quietly looking at people, sometimes almost seeming to look through them.

Mannerisms and Habits: Daniel has a rather odd approach to magic. While spiritual, he also uses symbolism from cultures all over the world, including things that are typically viewed as hermetic. His dress leans towards Urban-Tribal, also with trappings that could easily be confused with that of a hermetic. He is typically quiet, watchful of his surroundings, and almost always reflects a great deal on things before committing himself to any given choice of action.

Associations: At this time, Daniel is just a free agent, working where the pay is. While he prefers to run with those he's worked with in the past, he is open to working with new people.

Capabilities: A low initiate Shaman, Daniel deals with the spirits regularly, and has a rather odd selection of spells at his disposal. He is knowledgeable on several subjects concerning the spirit world, and fairly skilled at designing Shamanic spells. Additionally, he has been known to do enchanting work, though the prices are on the high-side.


"I'm Crazy Awesome, don't ya know?"

- Daniel Stark, 2066

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