Name Michael Flint
AKA Sandman
Nationality CAS
Metatype Ork
Archetype Adept
Birthdate July 7th, 2048
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"Go for your gun, I dare ya."


Well built would be the best description of this ork. His age would be perhaps in his mid to late twenties, but with orks sometimes its hard to tell. He stands perhaps six foot six inches tall and looks to weigh about 300 pounds, most of it muscle. His shoulders are broad and his build is stocky. His hair is black, and hangs loose down to his shoulders, its rather unkempt. His face is hidden mostly behind a scruffy looking beard, though he does have the noticable tusks of his metatype. His eyes are a dark brown, and set deep between brows that are often furrowed giving him an almost glaring look. If you were able to distinguise an ethic stock to this ork you would guess he might be part native american, though there are some hints of european ancestry too.

His clothing is a combination of biker and cowboy. He has the black leather jacket with a logo for Harley Davidson on the back. On his feet are a pair of authentic cowboy boots, well worn and broken in. On his head he wears a beat up black cowboy hat, a bit frayed at the edges. His belt is actually a chain, holding up his faded blue jeans. On his chest is a vest, leather, and exposing a great deal of his muscles around the neck and upper chest area, though alot of it is covered in hair.

More often than not, he sports a pair of Nighthawk heavy pistols in holsters at his waist. Worn in the traditional wild west fashion, slung low on his hips.

Distinguishing Features

Often found wearing a pair of Nighthawk Heavy Pistols.

Mannerisms and Habits

Calm, confident, seems to take risks for the thrill of it at times.


None so far.


Fast, quick on the draw too, likes to actually draw down on folks like in a western trid.


Floated from job to job, been in Lone Star, a merc, a bodyguard.

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