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FILE PHOTO (age 17)


Fixit is a young and very pretty asian girl. Her actress, if Shadowrun: Denver was a movie, would be Crystal Liu Yi Fei.

Distinguishing Features

It doesn't show in the picture, but she has a datajack on the back of the right side of her neck.

Mannerisms and Habits

Very often, Fixit'll walk around jacked into her pocket secretary, which she keeps either in one of her skirt-pockets or in a jacket pocket. She has music files stored on the device, and listens to that music via the miniphones which she keeps in her ears, the cables of which trail down to the pocsec, too - despite that she has cybers that'd let her listen to the music simply while jacked in. She must think the miniature earphones are 'cool' or something. She tends to hang out at various bars and restaurants, favoring those in lower-security areas - and she conducts her business in such places as often as not, as well as via anonymous shadowland-based trixmail accounts. She's made an arrangement with the owner of the Fist Full of Silver (the former asylum) to also do biz there - she frequents that place as much as any of her other 'biz haunts'.


Fixit's a new fixer in the Denver shadowscene, but she's got quite a number of good contacts despite her relative 'youth' in her field. Being as she's a fixer, she also hired herself a bodyguard - an japanese ork (an oni) named Ember. Her bodyguard follows her around pretty much all the time when she's working her biz - and Ember actually has a room in Fixit's apartment, too.


Smart and savvy, Fixit's a solid, if inexperienced, fixer and would make a good 'face' for a meet. Also, while she doesn't advertise it much, she's also 'tricked out' in terms of cyberware and bioware. She's 'showed off' a few times, casually using strength roughly the equal to that of the (mythical) 'average' troll.


"Fixit? Oh, yeah. I ain't heard nuthin' bad about her. What I've heard is that she's a bit discreet, slightly generous, just a little charming and a bit careful. I mean, she's green as hell. But overall, she's a decent sort. That's all I know."
(Info as of Aug 14, 2009 - for truly up-to-date rep, use '+rep Fixit' on the game.)

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