"Whatcha need?"

"Sure, I know someone who can fix ya up with that…"

Name Fixit (aka "Faith Li")
Nationality Japanese (American-born)
Metatype Human
Archetype Fixer
Birthdate April 14, 2052

My first conscious memories are from when I was about six years old, I think. John'd drop me off at either Momma's place or with Belle when he was too busy to keep an eye on me himself. He'd always promise me icecream from that little place that had the yummy sherbet that he knew I liked so much, if the sitter told me I'd been a good girl when he came back to pick me up. Sometimes that wouldn't be for two or three days, and I'd start to worry - but John always came back for me.

We'd go to the icecream place either that same day that he picked me up, or the very next day, just like he promised. I'd get the sherbet, either the orange or the lime or the grape - sometimes all mixed up together, and he'd get either chocolate or vanilla (if I didn't pester him into having sherbet, too, that is!). We'd sit in his car, usually, to stay out of the rain, and eat the icecream all up before we drove away back home. If it wasn't rainy, though, we'd sit on the curb or on the hood of the car, instead. We didn't talk during 'icecream time' - we'd just enjoy the icecream.

He was a good daddy, even if he treated me more like a friend than a daughter.

FILE PHOTO (age 17)

Momma's place was simple and felt safe, as if there were more people there keeping an eye on me and taking care of me than just Momma herself. Eventually, though, when I was about eight, Momma told John that I was getting to be a bit much of a handful for her. "I'm just a little old lady… I can't keep up with such a high-spirited little girl, y'know!", I remember hearing her say. She welcomed the regular visits we paid her after that, but I stopped staying with her like before.

As I got older and started understanding more about magic, I figured out that Momma's house felt safe, like there were other people there, because there probably were others there - spirits that were her companions and friends. Because she took care of me when I was there and thought of me as a sort of adopted granddaughter, her spirits protected me, too.

I'm pretty lucky, I guess, to be 'in good' with a healer like Momma.

Belle's place was one of my favorite places to go. She always had nifty little gadgets and gizmos for me to play with. She even showed me how to tinker with some of the toys. (I found out, later, that she built all these things herself, after agreeing to help John out with babysitting me the way she did.) When I was about ten, she even taught me to ride a bike and taught me the basics of working on one, too.

As I got older, too, I started actually realizing that some people treated Belle and others like her differently - just because they're trolls. Belle's really nice and so were some of her friends. I never could understand why some people thought they should treat them bad just because they look different. Assholes come in all shapes and sizes - why not treat an asshole the way the asshole deserves, and treat nice people nice, like they treat you?

I think this whole racism stuff's just plain stupid.

I remember the first time I met Uncle Ed. It was one of those rare sunny days, with a mostly-blue sky and puffy clouds with gray bottoms that look like they're just waiting for the right time to start raining on our heads, again. We were eating pizza at the park over in the CAS part of town when a cop-car pulled up and the cop came waltzing over. I thought John was gonna have me grab my pizza and hurry me off, like he usually did whenver he saw cops in the area, but instead he just invited the cop to sit down and have pizza with us. It was a nice change, not having to run away like the other times.

It turned out that Ed's a friend of John's from when they were kids. He's one of those 'straight' cops, too - he don't do anything that breaks the law, and even tried to talk John into going straight when he found out that John'd adopted me (but I didn't know this til I was about twelve or so, when John told me he wasn't actually my father). We used to go eat dinner with Uncle Ed and his wife every month or so, until Sarah died (when I was about fourteen or so). Since then, Uncle Ed mostly eats frozen stuff he puts in the microwave or just goes out to eat. (I still sometimes meet Uncle Ed at the pizza place.)

Anyway, Uncle Ed's a nice guy, even if he is a cop, and he knows people and sometimes knows interesting stuff that only cops know.

I got to meet a lot of John's other friends, like Six-Gun Sally (I always thought she had /such/ a wiz name!), Sergeant Gunn (he once put his helmet on my head and called me 'Little Corporal' the whole time John and I were visiting him), Whiskers (I still dunno why everyone calls him that - he ain't got no moustache or anything, and he won't tell me when I ask), and other people like that.

Like I said, before, I was twelve when John told me he wasn't my real father, that he'd kinda adopted me after him and some friends of his (he never told me who these friends of his were, though) saw some gangers kill my parents. Y'know… I felt really sad, then, and I still do, 'cause I'll never get to know my real mother and father, but John's always been a good daddy to me, and that's what really matters, right?

Anyway, there was that one day, when I was thirteen, when Sally called up John and said she needed his help finding someone small enough to help her with a job she and some of her buddies were gonna pull. John said he'd try and hook her up, but came up dry. He was about to call her back, two days later, and tell her he couldn't find anyone… and I didn't wanna see him hafta do bad at his job, so I told him I could do it. I was even smaller then than I am now, after all, and, thanks to Belle, I knew I could use the gizmoes I'd heard him and Sally talking about.

Anyway, John didn't wanna let me do it at first… but Sally was really needing the help, and he told me, "Well, I guess it is time to get your feet wet. This'll be your first paying gig, too." I went with Sally and her buddies and did some crawling and climbing and other stuff I promised 'em I wouldn't ever talk about, and they gave me a credstick for two grand for helping 'em out.

I was so happy and John said he was proud of me - especially after I wouldn't tell him what I'd done when he asked. "Remember that… when you promise someone you won't talk, that's a promise you keep, even from me", he said, then we went for icecream. I bought it that time, with the money I'd made on that job with Sally.

After that, John started sending me on other jobs, and I started making more money. John helped me out, at first, when I started getting my own 'ware put in me, either paying for part of it himself or hooking me up, free of charge, with people who could get it for me or put it in me, like Doc Chen, Santos, and Crystal.

Pretty soon, I had some pretty nice 'ware, all of it alpha-grade, and I started being able to ask for a lot more money whenever I took a job. Because I was (and still am) kinda small, I usually got sneaky-crawly-climby jobs. John introduced me to some more of his friends and pals, and I eventually got myself some bios, too, and a fake SIN of my very own. (I got the SIN through a friend of John's that he only talks to through the 'trix, a guy who calls himself Donkey Kong - yeah, I know, weird name, huh? DK told me that he got it off some old vid-game from, like, a century ago.)

Anyway, when I turned sixteen, John told me he was gonna leave Denver… and said that he didn't think it'd be fair if he didn't let me decide if I wanted go, too, or stay here where I grew up. When I told him I wanted to stay, he decided to set me up to take his place, doing the job he used to do, fixing people up with other people and with the things they wanted or needed to get a job done. See, John was a fixer, and everyone called me his little 'Fixit' - so that's what I been calling myself ever since I started taking jobs. John took the next year showing me the ropes and getting some of his regular friends to work with me, 'cause I was taking over for him, and got me started on being a fixer in my own right.

John moved away in late April of 2060, just after I turned seventeen. I miss him. He's my daddy, after all. He said he'll help me out every now and then, get me in touch with someone new every so often, but he's got his own biz going in a new place, now. I'm just a Denver gal, myself.

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