Name Zoe Yudina
AKA Farah
Nationality Californian
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype RIGGER
Birthdate Feb 1, 2058
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"Show me where it hurts."


Distinguishing Features

Light Tan skin tone, multiple earrings and hoops, two datajacks and quad chip slots behind left ear

Mannerisms and Habits

Zoe is a bit quirky, she has a penchant for the nightlife, and a keen eye for street fashion, and can often be found out at the local Denver hotspots. She can be a bit flashy at times, with a penchant for fast and expensive cars, and she seems to have a taste in men that leans towards the stereotypical Street Samurai look.


Zoe has no current known associations within the Denver Scene as far as corporation, criminal, or gang's go, trying to avoid any true favoritism to better establish her clinic.


Rigging: Zoe is a capable drone rigger, primarily specializing in fast moving Vector Thrust UAV's and other assorted aircraft. She provides smuggling services with the aid of her trusty Airsled, as well as combat support in the form of aerial recon and and drone fire support. Additionally she has at her disposal a variety of other utility drones for covert recon and action to assist a runner team with a need for technical savvy.

Medical: Zoe has a background with a corporate HTR medical response team, having served as a pilot and flight medic back in those days before slipping away from the limelight and into the mercenary field, where she honed her skills as a medical practitioner and cyber-surgeon. Now, in Denver she runs a shadow-clinic, offering a wide range of services from Trauma care, cosmetic, and implant surgery, and is capable of Beta-Grade cyberware work, as well as cultured Bioware implantation.

Surgery Menu:

Medical Profile (Required for many other Surgeries): 6,000
Cosmetic Package + Improved Looks + Natural Looking (Plan + Surgery) : 15,000
Surgery: 12,000 + 4,000 per additional procedure performed per session
Alphware Surgery Surcharge: 8,000
Betaware Surgery Surcharge: 8,000

Surgery Planning fees vary per procedure, contact the clinic for an estimate


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