Name Ernesto Salvatore
AKA Fandango, Ernie, Miguel, Franco
Nationality CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Ganger
Birthdate Feb 1, 2044
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"Yeah, I can clean up this little mess of yours. But it aint gonna be cheap."


Fandango is a fairly tall man at about six feet even, with a lean but well-muscled gymnast's physique. His hair and eyes are both a dark shade of brown, while his skin is a much paler shade. prominent cheekbones and a strong jaw hint at native american heritage, but mixed amidst Spanish genes, too. When he speaks it is with an accent- thick and Spanish. He is otherwise not particularly attractive, with a narrow face and slightly hooked nose. He has a number of elaborate tattoos, mostly on his arms and chest, but with one on his neck, and a few on his back, the back of his right hand and the fingers on both hands.

Distinguishing Features

Mestizo features, Spanish accent, Usually dresses in smart pants and shirt with a cheap leather jacket, often wears a hat, even indoors.

Mannerisms and Habits

Pretty cold, but not without a sense of humor, usually quite professional, known to take black-hat jobs with little hesitation.


Known to be closely linked to the Chavez Families, though he has no direct relation. He works as a hitman with them as their preferred client- and him as one of their preferred agents. He's only recently came to Denver, but he's also known to assosiate with his bother, a criminal defense lawyer who regularly defends Chavez gang members, and a known Chavez lieutenant in the area.


Known to be adept at stealth and athletics, and a particularly strong climber in urban environments. Some cyber-modification, notably hand-blades and a magnetic system that allows him to climb metal structures with ease. Very quick and strong for a human. Skilled cyber-implant combatant and pentjak-silat practitioner. Decent with pistols.


Born into a mob family, his father was a mob lieutenant for most of his youth. Dropped out of high-school to help out at a mob bar his father and uncle frequented. Eventually joined the Chavez Families officially, proved to be a skilled message runner and eventually an able combatant. Was eventually gifted with cyberware by the family as his prowess and reputation grew, and became very proficient with cyber-weapons. Eventually requested by Julia Maria Chavez as an operative in Denver- not officially working on behalf of the Chavez Families, but rather as a shadowrunner with Chavez ties.

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