"Too many take the Mother (Gaia) for granted. But we have to strife to help her. Or one day we will find there is nothing left to make this life worth living."

"I am a healer not a butcher. If you want to torture your soul, you have to do that without my help."


She is a slender, lightweight person. There is definitely not much bodily strength in her. She usually wears wide concealing robes of white cotton. Most of the time she even has the hood hanging deep over her face. So often nothing more than her blone hair spilling out of that hood in two thick braids can be seen. On her feet she usually wear heavy wandering or combat boots sticking out of her robes. Most of the time, she even wears gloves on her hands. So barely any skin is visible.

Distinguishing Features


Mannerisms and Habits

Usually, typical for her totem, very shy. Often only talking about the art of healing, Magic and her 'spritual guide' (totem) will make her come out of her shell. She can be however quick and decisive if she sees lifes at danger or nature threatened. She will avoid killing at all cost.


Rumors about her having been invovled in GreenWar activities in her past abound.


She specializes in healing. And her past experiences plus her magic gives her many options to stay unseen and often unheard.

Name Elena
AKA Pokey
Nationality Germany
Metatype Human
Archetype Shamanic Witch (Unicorn)
Birthdate Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 1.65
Build Slender
Cybernetics None
Fashion White Robes has lately been seen in some black leathers as well
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