"Please do me a favor and just shut up right now! Don’t try and entertain me with your bullshit, my lack of patience is not having it today. I don’t speak much cause well I don’t want to fragging speak to you, and I don’t have to. Excuse me if I am so preciously granted with your presence but between you and me, one of us will just be dead next week."


Vital Statistics

Full Name: Unknown
(AKA: Effek)
Metatype: Troll
Vitals: Unknown
DOB: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown

rating: +2+x


Distinguishing Features: Filed horns, dental work, hunches over like a large ape. Missing his right pinky and half of his left ear.
Mannerisms and Habits: Alcoholic, anger problems, tends to rage when hit or hurt in almost anyway, lack of social habits, OCD, neat freak.
Associations: NASPEN, Scotch, Sprint, Daemon Starks
Capabilities: Guns, well aimed shooter, walking tank.

Other information

>>>>> [ Am I the only one that noticed this troll looks sorta human? Heard he hates his race! One thing is he's got street rep and alot of it, but nobody really see's him in public. I guess he keeps to himself well. ] <<<<<
-DevilSlave567 (9:41:45/03-16-70)

>>>>> [ I met him once, pretty laid back chummer. One thing's for sure, I wouldn't want to slot that guy off. Human looking or whatever you want to say, he's fraggin' big and he moves quick.] <<<<<
-Laughing-Girl (15:27:45/03-24-70)

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