Name Evgenia Satskova
AKA Ecco
Nationality Russia
Metatype HUMAN
Archetype Russian Ninja
Birthdate September 6th, 2056
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"I am traditional Russian girl."


OOC: Always changing, but this is her Pit Fighting look.

This woman is 162.5 cm tall and has dark blue eyes. Her skin is rather well taken care of, smooth and shines a bit with overall health. A slender neck, and high cheek bones mixed with plush lips just add to the curvaceous nature of the rest of her body. A waist that tightly curves inward, expanding out with her hips and shapely backside, to say nothing for the expansiveness of her chest. Fit, athletic build and a shapely figure all in one semi-small package.

For makeup she has on a white clown face, though it only covers her face and no other parts of her body. She's got bright red lipstick on and dark black eyeliner to make all those features stand out amongst her bleached blonde hair that's drawn into two pigtails, the one on the right pink, and the one on the left aqua blue. A two toned set of goggles sits on her head, and a black and red half-jacket covers her shoulders and arms. For a top all she has a is a red and black zip up corset that leaves much exposed along with a small amount of her flat stomach. On her legs she has on a pair of skintight black and red leather pants, the right leg is al black, the left leg is all red except for four black diamond shapes on her red thigh. For her feet they are covered in combat boots that are also mostly black and red as well.

Distinguishing Features

Is almost always in some kind of Cosplay.

Mannerisms and Habits

Rigid posture, blunt with her words, does no drugs (including caffeine) and eats Pro Meal Bars like they are going out of style.


None just yet. Or at least none that are organized.


Stealthy, melee fighter, who is decent at physical B&E. Not so great with people.


Part 1: Astrid's Descent into Shadowrunning
Part 2: Astrid's Descent into Shadowrunning



Despite what the internet says, Evgenia was born in Russia to her parents Ivan and Katyenka. They were not the wealthiest family but with both parents working they were managing to make a life. 22 years ago, when Evgenia was born, Russia was well under control by Arkady Korolenko and his administration. An internal fear was growing, and it was spreading throughout all of the motherland.

Evgenia's parents were devout Russians. They trusted the government, they feared the people propaganda was popping up about, and they took their child in for mandatory testing. These tests were setup to check the 'purity' of Russian ancestry and to make sure no one was bringing in outsiders, but for the government they also were testing for other abilities.

By the time Evgenia turned 5 the NSS had been able to detect in her magical prowess. Through a few more tests at her state owned school, they were able to determine her capacity as a physical adept. The abilities had not yet started to manifest, but they knew that they would. The way the state sold the private schooling scholarship was by identifying that Evgenia showed great prowess at school in all the areas that the military find beneficial, and they would give her a free path through military schooling.

This overjoyed her parents. It is very Russian's dream to serve, to help protect mother Russia from the invaders from all corners of the globe trying to destroy their sacred way of life. And this would also alleviate things like health care costs, for them and her, there was a stipend they would receive and it all was perfect.

They would not see Evgenia again until she was 13 years old. During her time away she was in a rigid training requirement. The military would start adjusting her biology to make her stronger, more gifted in what she could do naturally, and every military personnel was required to get eye replacements and a few other military oriented upgrades. These were all provided to her by the state after certain graduation points. Rewards, they would call them, though they were careful not destroy her magical existence they were trying to build optimized super soldiers not worry too much about one's humanity.

At 13 she had earned a summer return to her parents. She was a different person. The fun, carefree, joyous girl they had put into the system, was rigid, hard-working, and did everything she was told to do. She wore her military outfit around the house, when some of her old childhood friends came by to play games with her she played hide and go seek and disappeared from them with her training, and they left before they even found her. It wasn't till night fall when her mother came looking for her for dinner that she even returned, content to having stayed hidden under the 6 inches of dirt she had piled on top of herself.

Ivan and Katyenka talked, formulated a plan, and found someone they knew who had allegedly helped their neighbor escape Russia. Something they never thought they would want to do. When they told Evgenia of the plan, she refused to go with them, and was threatening that she would tell her commander and they would be thrown into prison. They used a taser to knock out their own daughter and smuggled her out of Russia. Selling everything they owned, much of what they would earn once in America.


California had a lot going on, and they had their own troubles and racist tendencies, but thankfully against metahumans not Russians. It took weeks of keeping their own daughter restrained, and sometimes drugged, to get her to calm down, to be able to understand what had happened. And the progression was slow in their deprogramming of their own daughter.

Both of her parents worked, so she was kept in her room, locked away, allowed what old shows and books that they could afford to keep her entertained. She kept up physical exercise, doing what she could in that room, remembering some of her training that didn't quite get to the full level of military standards, but she was getting there.

Months more and she was finally starting to enjoy these older shows, movies, and started to ask for certain things. A subscription to comics of the past, which turned out to be somewhat inexpensive, and she found herself an escape. A heroine she could follow, could think like, could read about and watch. She learned from these old superhero stories about oppression and more. And it was this more than anything else, that eventually allowed her to accept her parents and the new world again.

By the time she was ready to go into the outside world, knew enough English to get by, her parents having afforded a fake SIN for her as well, she was too old to really start school. And at 17 she was just old enough to start getting into performance classes. She worked as a back up dancer in some really horrible tridflicks, and when she was pushed by one too many directors to wear something she didn't like, or do something she wasn't going to, she left. And still needed work. It was then she was offered a job as a round counter in a pit fight arena. Of course, she threw that idea back into the person's face but did get the idea to fight.

Pit Fighting:

For years she fought in California's underground rings. Her weapon of choice is the deadly Kusarigama. The only way she could bring herself to even go there was by dressing up, getting courage. She tried a few. Ms. Marvel had too high of heels to fight with functionally, and Supergirl seemed too good of a person. When she came as Sonya Blade she realized that so many bad ass women dressed like her and the cosplay was missing the point. So, Harley Quinn became her go to for fights. A crazy violent woman who was a mixed bag of psycho, hero and villain. Perfect.

It was from the pitfighting that she managed to save up enough nuyen to afford a few more pieces of gear, and it allowed her to even go out with a few paracritter bounty hunters. There she showed her military training, well what she had acquired, mixed with her supernatural prowess. Stealthing up to paracritters wasn't the easiest thing but she excelled at it, and ran with a small group for a time while still doing the pit fighting thing.

The Move to Denver:

In her normal life, still living with her parents during the day and bringing in money at night, she started to grow more and more uneasy with California. Their words were starting to sound more like the propaganda she heard back in Russia. It was giving her nightmares, she started to not show up to fights, not show up to anything. One of her close friends, Farah, was someone she confided in about some of her previous life. Farah also helped in the process of healing folks, and the occasional smuggling things out of California from the paracritter hunting. It was she who made the suggestion of moving.

Just get out of California. It was easy for Farah to say that, she was so much more willful, capable, able to just get up and go kind of person. She went to parties and did social things, meanwhile Evgenia stayed at home and watched the trid. Or went to the gym, or went out at night to fight things. Her life was pretty boring, and pretty basic, well, except the pit fighting thing. But with Farah's help, Evgenia was able to figure out where she wanted to go. Denver. It seemed far enough away, not caught up in huge political divides at least compared to California, and had some slums where a person could get lost. And lightly get into fights.

Going forward:

For now, Evgenia is trying to get back into jobs. Her savings are running out, she can't live with her parents any more, and she knows how to do very few things. Fight, and sneak. Mostly anyhow. She's not a bad burglar if she needed to be and could probably make some money selling exercise videos but she's far too shy to do anything like that. So, here she is in Denver, getting into the fight scene and also trying to work with Farah on whatever she ends up doing.

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>>> [Best cosplay-adept in all of Denver.]
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