Name Atzi Martinez
AKA Dream
Nationality Aztlan
Metatype Human
Archetype Mage
Birthdate November 1, 2044
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"People get up every day and do what they have to do. How many of them actually wake up, do you think?"


A young mexican girl, whose features make it somewhat difficult to tell her precise age- either her late teens or early twenties, probably. She's far from pretty, her features angular and drawn- lending to a perpetual air of fatigue and tiredness which tends to hang around her. She's short, and there isn't an ounce of muscle on her. Definitely not the most imposing young woman to ever walk the streets of Denver. She does carry a handgun, and tends to wear at least moderate armor in most locales. This is almost certainly because she lives in the Warrens.

Distinguishing Features

The thing most people tend to remember about Dream are her eyes. Just a bit too big, they are a stunning green, intense, and piercing. Though the rest of her is not intimidating in the least, her eyes definitely are the exception.

Mannerisms and Habits

Dream is not easily rattled, and tends to approach most challenges calmly. She finds new experiences incredibly exciting, and doesn't worry about spending her money on luxuries. She has a particular love for soda and alcohol, however, and adores fast food. She is hesitant to talk about her abilities, especially when working. When drawn into discussion about them, though, she is extremely passionate. Though she takes every care to try not to let this effect her working relationship with anyone, she finds closed-minded attitudes towards her particular beliefs incredibly frustrating. Although she fully accepts she cannot explain everything, she feels she can offer interesting enough hypothesis in the majority of cases that simply running into the arms of the magical is akin to burying your head in the sand because it is easier than looking at the sun.


Many friends! No solid business associations.


Skilled mentat, capable of summoning Thought Forms and Watcher spirits, though she specializes in telepathic abilities over anything else. With a particular love for work involving memories.


The daughter of the renowned Dr. Martinez of Aztechnology's Biotech R&D, the eldest surviving child, the good Doctor put her on a series of experimental drugs when she reached puberty, originally intended to help combat the degredation of the immune system which follows with age.

What actually happened was terrifying. For some time, she was convinced she was going mad, and that she was going to die. She was very sick for a very long time. What actually happened, however, was that she Awakened to the unlocked power of the human mind. Always sharp and stubborn, those qualities came to the fore even more, and…

…she was taken by Aztechnology as a curiosity, whilst her father was praised and promoted. She was put to work, and her natural attitude put her at loggerheads with the megacorp. The experience was unpleasant.

To cut a very long, and very painful, story short- she eventually managed to use her natural ingenuity to arrange a hit against the facility holding her, before she escaped. As the introduction of any kind of internal system could have interfered with her ability to utilize her powers, she was free to run, using a few contacts she had managed to establish after earning some small amount of freedom.

She has since made her way to Denver, primarily because it is such a good place to hide, and is enjoying her new found freedom, whilst doing her best to avoid coming to the attention of Aztechnology again; she might hate them, but she knows precisely what awaits her if they recapture her, and it is a fate worse than simple death.

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