Name Jonathan Lowell Spencer
AKA Dorian, Scarface
Nationality Quebec
Metatype Elf
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate Unknown
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"Check out that Rimbo."


Dorian is usually dressed in a black designer suit, complete with a white buttoned up shirt, a black vest and some matching black pants. He ditches the usual fancy shoes for a pair of boots, and commonly wears a pair of leather gloves. To complete the outfit he's usually wearing a tie or a fashionable scarf. His style is a bit more rugged, usually having the top buttons of his shirt undone and keeping the tie loose as well. He can also be spotted in street ware when in more dangerous parts of town, fancying some armored clothing over the chic suit. His pose is laid-back and he looks a bit tougher than the common Keeb.

Distinguishing Features

Dorian carries several scars on face, one going down his right eye and a diagonal one across his left eye. His left cheek has been marked with a large scar that crosses the one at his eye. This has earned him the nickname Scarface amongst the wiseguys. His eyes are a dark crystal blue, sometimes unblinking and calculating though his features seem to carry a hint of a fox-like nature who enjoys eluding the truth and playing with his prey. Dorian is also tall, standing over two meters high at 6'8" and with a large enough athletic build that could likely be linked to some vat augmentations.

Mannerisms and Habits

This elf is professional by nature, usually cool and calm on the outside while on the inside he can be cold and calculating. It's not rare that his suave nature carries an ulterior motive. He is difficult on the initial approach, most find a scarred man to be a bit intimidating along with his tall height. However he is usually joking and playful in nature as he is a master of sarcasm. He loves whiskey, usually his drink of choice in most establishments and seems to always have one in his hand. Perhaps the beginings of alcoholism.


From what is publically known, Dorian has connections with Ares from his past, and has recently picked up connections with Lone Star with a certain detective. Rumors say he's close to the Mafia, however it's hard to tell which family at this point, but his source seems to be able to pull good information.


A jack of many trades, Dorian specializes in sword and gunplay as well as hand to hand combat. He has several tricks up his sleeves that can benefit his co-workers however, and can easily backup most techcentered runners with assistance of his own. However his main line of work is in dishing out pain.


Publically unknown

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