Nationality UNKNOWN
Metatype ELF
Archetype SHAMAN
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The individual stands at an average height(5'11") for his people, subtly marked by his pointed ears which poke out through the tussels of dirty blonde hair. The hair is pin straight, as if it has a razor's edge to it by cascading and flowing down the nape of his neck and along the sides of his perfectly crafted face. The blonde hair occasionally contrasts with his rather dark, tanned skin ; it appears smooth and unmarred with a pristine complexion. High cheek bones rest underneath the silvery blue orbs which rest inside of his eye sockets. The nose seems to fit just well, neither being too pointed or big but just what would be accepted by both genders as slightly androgynous. The jaw-line is faintly showing in a masculine appearance, defined but not rigid as it runs out to meet the soft blunted chin which rests just underneath his lips. The lips are full and pink, noticeably brought out more by the darkness of his tan skin. Whenever he cracks a smile, the brilliance of immaculate teeth can be seen, sometimes giving indications of a barbell being stabbed through the center of his tongue if his mouth opens wide enough. His body gives signs of someone who clearly takes care of themselves, although not necessarily living in the gym every day. His chest protrudes to show a certain bulk underneath his clothing, similar to that of his arms and legs. A low body fat percentage makes his proportionate muscles for his shape still stick out and look defined.

Distinguishing Features

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Mannerisms and Habits

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Spell slinging


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