Lady Vader
Name Mai
AKA Doll
Nationality Japanese
Metatype Human
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate Unknown
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"All good tales are about revenge. Just check The Seven Samurais or any Sergio Leone flick."


A fiery scarlet mane tops this woman. With most of her face hidden under an air purifier unit, only her eyes are uncovered by the black material that sheaths the rest of her body. Water and nutrients flow through the small tubing running down her neck to the small pump resting on her hip. The shape of her eyes is the only detail avaliable about her heritage, the telltale sign of Asiatic ancestry. The irises of her eyes spot the classic Zeiss shine of cutting edge cyber.

A shiny black synthetic material stretches over her entire body in a protective sheath. Spliced here and there with tubes, buckles and some bits of chrome, the theme is unmistakably cybernetic. Laced tightly over her feet is a pair of calf high boots that must cost a very pretty penny, especially considering all the state of the art safety features along the frame. The line of her body is broken only by the telltale bulges where Gel-Paks surround her joints and vital organs in the event of a crash.

Elegant and expertly applied, her makeup is a well-crafted complement to her eyes. The few square inches of visible skin are covered with a light base and eye-shadow frames her opticals.

Distinguishing Features

*Her English is perfect, even if she sounds like a vocoder.
*She claims to be allergic to pollution, hence the air filters.

Mannerisms and Habits

*She loves Japanese culture and follows protocol.
*Regular client of the Tea House, likes to play Go with the locals.


*None at the moment.


*New at the local shadowscene, none witnessed her work.
*If you do any legwork about her past, @mail me ingame.

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