Doctor Strange
Name Mokiba Spellman
AKA Doctor Strange
Nationality Tir Tairngire
Metatype ELF
Archetype MAGE
Birthdate December 14, 2013
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"Knowledge is power thus magic knowledge is golden!"


A tall elven male with long black hair and deep forest green eyes. He has high cheek bones and the tell tale elf ears that are pointed. His chin lower jaw bone is covered in well-groomed hair giving him the impression of being at least a middle-class member of the elvish society. His arms look slightly toned as well as his legs. This might suggest he might be slightly athletic in nature. His overall body structure is fairly fit, seeming to suggest that he might be one that works-out occasionally. He also seems quite possed, carrying himself properly as he moves. Overall the elf looks about the age of between 25 to 27.

Distinguishing Features

When on a run he wears actual stereotypical mage robes from way back in the ages. He also has these fairly hip earrings dangling from his ears, like he's some kind of modern version of the old tale stereotypical elf.

Mannerisms and Habits

He's usually has an odd expression on his face when talking to 'lower beings' since he's totally a stuck up Tir Tairngire snob. Though once someone gets to know him, or is attractive enough to bust through his wall, he really is a nice fellow.


It's rumored that he's a shallowly connected illusionist that prefers to either be helping the helpless or doing runs for mystical connected objects.


He has an affinity for Illusions and find it entertaining to change his appearance on most runs to keep people guessing of he's really new to the running gig or if it's an illusionist in disguise.


Mokiba was born into the Tir Tairngire SIN to two of the more supportive metahuman elven parents. At a young age Mokiba developed the willfulness to improve his body through exercise on a daily regiment and dieting to keep himself in healthy condition. He was also raised to be quite friendly being that his parents had a deep felt belief that just because they were elves doesn't mean they're better than everyone else. In effect, Mokiba was taught to gainfully respect people and assisting them as he could.

When Mokiba reached the age of five, he started developing innate skills in the aspect of magic. Being he is an elf, these powers were strongly welcomed and encouraged. When Mokiba became old enough, he found himself more drawn to finding his own path tempering with illusion spells. Visiting a wise elf shaman of the Tir Tairngire, he was told his talents would be the magic of the illusion variety. Finding this idea intriguing he found time to practice and perfect his craft. Communing with his inner magical essence and thereby excelling his progress in magic learning.

When Mokiba reached the age of an adolescent, he began his practice of Karate. He trained hard attempting to learn how to defend himself. By learning the arts of Karate, Mokiba was encouraged to expand upon his innate will for leadership, taking on responsibility of his friends and family quite naturally.

When Mokiba started displaying extreme abilities in the mystical arts, he was sent off to train with the local Hermetic Mage that insisted on him learning his craft through embracing his inner essences. He found his training useful and used his knowledge in his magic around himself, learning how to defend himself in mystical fashion along with also learning a few spells to allow himself advantage over others in the field of war.

Through his magic training, Mokiba was introduced to many knowledgeable arts. He was taught by his general culture about the Elven society that surrounded him on a daily basis.

Mokiba finished his training at the school that local mage hosted, venturing off to Great Britain. He was taught the language of Irish Gaelic from his relations when visiting in Great Britain. Talking to the Irish community when he started to develop low ties to the shadowrunning community. He tapped into the underground where he began developing the keen ear for magic rumors and the general sales of magical goods of value. This is where he gained knowledge in appraising and buy his magical tools.

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