Diego Delavega
Name Diego Delavega
AKA Jackpot
Nationality Aztlan
Metatype Human
Archetype Adept
Birthdate July 7th, 2055
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"Good evening Senorita, how may I help you?"


The man before you is perhaps in his early thirties and in fair shape. He has wavy brown hair thats in a clean short cut, but shows a few signs of early grey at the temples. His eyes appear normal, unlike many today, and are a deep brown in color. His build appears average if not a little on the thinner side, but he lacks the muscle definition of someone who works out regularly. His racial stock is definatly part Aztlanner, and you can hear a strong spanish accent when he speaks. Every so often you catch a twitch in his movements, it seems well controlled but hints at perhaps some form of augmentation might exist.

His clothing is fairly basic, an obviously armored vest under some blue jeans and a red button up shirt. In the colder weather he wears an overcoat with this, but it does little to hide the slight buldge from what is most likely a pistol stashed away under his arm. On his hands are a pair of black gloves, keeping him from leaving any kind of fingerprint behind.

Distinguishing Features

Spanish Accent

Mannerisms and Habits

Enjoys the finer things in life
Minor Gambling Addiction


No one, yet.


Face, Fixer, Adept, and dabbling in so much more.


Diego was born to Ricardo and Miriam Delavega. His family has been resistance fighters for decades and is currently a major force in La Venta. Because of this, his family was always poor, barely getting enough in food to get by. The had weapons of course, but Diego was always a little weaker than his brothers and sisters and ended up staying at home most of his young life. His father was a great motivational speaker though for the rebels, always able to fire up a crowd before a major fight, and Diego inherited this ability to sway people with his words.

When Diego reached the age of fourteen, he was finally considered strong enough to accompany his father in the family business, gureilla warfare. Diego learned how to survive in the jungle and in the deserts, to fight against Aztechnology and its strong rule over his people. While his family was entirely devoted to the cause of freedom for the people, Diego could not understand what they were fighting for. His family was free already, but that left them poor and barely able to feed themselves. When he was young one of his sisters died from malnutrition, and it left a great impact on Diego.

When he was sixteen, Diego awakened. He found he was faster than most of his siblings and his father when it came to reacting. He often was vital in keeping the group from falling to ambushes and other tactics by the Aztlan forces. His father decided to send him to a distant cousin in San Antonio, to try to help hone his magical gift. That is where Diego got his first taste of money and power. His cousin was a full mage, and while unable to truely guide Diego in his adept abilities, he did pamper the boy while he was with him. Enrico was wealthy, he worked for Aztechnology but supplied intelligence to the rebels often.

While Enrico was getting some data for the rebels he was captured, and Deigo was taken by Aztechnology. It was a quiet operation, a special ops unit moved in like a whisper, and both of them were gone with no one the wiser. Enrico was killed before he could react, and Diego was drugged. Diego woke up in a nice room, and was offered more food than he could eat, something Diego had never experienced. The man who came to see him was Hernaldo Rios, and he had an offer for Diego. If Diego would betray the rebels, he would be paid handsomely, and his family would be spared. Deigo did not hesistate, he took the offer.

Diego returned to his family, claiming he barely escaped when they killed Enrico. This only spurred his fathers anger, and Diego went to his mother to speak to her about this. He told her of the offer, that she would never go hungry again, that her children would get a good life, and never suffer like this. She refused, but she did tell Deigo that she would not tell his father if he ceased this foolish idea. Diego could not understand, how could a woman let her children die for a foolish ideal. Diego spent the next week considering what to do, how to save his family, and then his father found out.

Deigo's mother did indeed betray her son to his father. Ricardo beat Diego within an inch of his life, while his entire family watched on. Then Diego was told to leave, that should he ever be seen again, he would be killed on sight. Diego left, but not before grabbing vital information on the current rebel numbers and communications network. He returned to Rios and Aztechnology, selling them this information for two things. A large sum of money, and the promise that his family would be spared. Rios agreed. Deigo sent a message to his father, informing him that Diego had sold him out, and should he wish to live, he must either go into hiding, or join Aztechnology. Diego has never heard from his family since then. Diego used the money he gained to go to Denver, where he knew of some of the suppliers the rebels had used in Aztlan. Through them he began to act as a broker for other groups and individuals, his network slowly growing until Deigo became a well known fixer in the Denver area. He has lived in Denver for eight years now, but the pace is too slow, he often thinks of his mother and siblings, and wishes to find them and save them. From themselves.

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