Name Daniel Webster
AKA Denton, Widowmaker
Nationality CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Samurai
Birthdate Unknown
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"Please allow me to introduce myself…"


A human of average height, probably just under six feet or so, Denton still strikes a rather imposing figure even amongst the bigger, badder metatypes. He is clearly a very fit, very strong man with a few obvious cybernetic enhancements. His age is difficult to determine with today's medical technology and plastic surgery but most likely he is in his mid thirties. He is skin is lightly tanned, bordering on pale but healthy. His hair is a thick mess of jet black curls that go down to his shoulders. The hair matches the color of an eye patch that covers his left eye. A rather painful looking scar cuts all the way up his right cheek, over the nose, and beneath the patch. The sight beneath is probably not very pretty. His uncovered right eye is a pale blue in color.

The mans attire changes fairly often depending on where he is going and who he is going to be with. You are as likely to see him in an expensive business suit as you are to see him in armored clothes and a trench coat.

(Note: For those who knew Denton more than 3 years ago they would remember him quite differently. No eye patch, no scar, much prettier. Whatever happened to him was not pleasant.)

Distinguishing Features

Most notably the eye patch over his left eye, and the nasty looking scar that accompanies it.

Mannerisms and Habits

Very unpredictable. As likely to show mercy as he is to show cruelty in any given situation. Perhaps dependent upon his mood?

Logical, efficient, and very rational. Cautious but not timid. He gets the job done and he does it right.

A man of wealth and taste. And quite the ladies man. He was rarely seen in public without some chica (Or two) on his arm(s), at least up to a few years ago. At that point he had his "transformation", so to speak, and has since then been very much out of the public eye and the shadow scene altogether.

Tends to be very generous with his money (Of which he has much, so it is rumored).


Denton had been in the Denver scene for a very long time up until about 3 years ago. Since then he has only popped up a few times, usually for no more than a month or so. While he certainly maintains a list of contacts, the shadowscene in Denver is an ever changing, ever evolving thing. Every day new faces show up and old ones disappear. As a result Denton has very few associations with the new crop of runners but he is quite familiar with any "oldschool" types such as himself.


Stealth. He will steal your bling.

Crack shot with any pistol.

Expert with security systems, procedures, and electronics.

He has survived at least two assassination attempts by other shadowrunners.

Basic understanding of numerous languages.

Miscellaneous badass stuff.


Anything known about Denton before he arrived on the scene in Denver twelve years ago is pure rumor and speculation. The man has never divulged the info to anyone, not even a trusted friend or lover. You can try asking him about his past but would likely be met with a polite no. Any further attempt would result in an impolite discharge of a firearm in your face.



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>>> [Denton? You mean the guy with the grand piano in the Warrens, who bought the General Lee? Yeah. He generally shows his face in Denver for the auctions, then goes back to chasing whatever new cutie splittail that has come up on the scene recently.]
- Narcojet (21:11:05/02-10-70)
>>> [In fairness, at least he's not advertising how he gets dates with his Matrix Sig.]
- JohnnyReb (21:18:22/02-10-70)
>>> [STFU.]
- Narcojet (22:13:12/02-10-70)
>>> [Wait. The General Lee? Like, that old car from the flatvid? That General Lee?]
- CrazyCooter (22:10:45/02-10-70)
>>> [The one and the same. See the attached image for the last 'date' Denton went on. I think he had to clean puke out of the carpet.]
- Narcojet (22:15:52/02-10-70)
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